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Father Figures And Father Son Relationships Essay

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Father figures are an important thing in any boy (or maybe even girl's life growing up). A father figure is usually an older man, normally one with power, authority, or strength, with whom one can identify with on a deeply psychological level and who generates emotions generally felt towards one's father. A man to whom a person looks up and whom he treats like a father (Marcus Marchand), or a substitute for a person's biological father, who performs typical paternal functions and serves as an object of identification and attachment (Artkin). Father figures aren't exactly prevalent in After the First Death, (Just Artkin and Marcus Marchand) but there's enough.
First let’s talk about Marcus Marchand, General Briggs, Ben’s Dad, whoever he is. Marcus is actually Ben’s father, but to Ben’s feelings he’s more like a father figure. Marcus the general who doesn’t want to be a general was always a secretive and elusive man. He was hardly ...view middle of the document...

Mark loved Ben, but he also loved his country, so Mark (much like God) gave up his real and only son to save it. Mark knew Ben better than anyone and knew his son would crack and aid the terrorist, but actually hindering them in the process. This horrified Ben once he knew and eventually forced him commit suicide, which in turn caused his father to break down. Fathers or father figures I know wouldn’t (or couldn’t) do that no matter how devoted they were they were to their country. They’re not good or bad for that, but they’re not Mark Marchand. Mark and Ben’s relationship wasn’t the greatest from the start (Ben felt like vomiting or committing suicide when Mark was coming and when Mark was already there Ben couldn’t handle looking into his eyes), but after all they went through their real emotions were tested and shown (1-3, 55. 223-229). Mark Marchand wasn’t the best father figure, but he tried isn’t that all you can ask for?
Now Artkin, the best father figure. Yes I said it Artkin the best father figure (to me at least) you might not want to admit it because of his profession, but if you think about it. What’s a father supposed to do? Be there, Balance discipline with fun, Be a role model of adult manhood. Artkin until the moment he died had done those things. Artkin was there for Miro, he took Miro off the streets and took him in. Sure it was into a terrorist organization, but Miro got a home, food, an “education”, and a father figure. As a child you’re really impressionable if not the most impressionable, Miro already had stealing and other “immoral” things imprinted into his mind and then Artkin comes along and molds him into what he wanted. Artkin's taught Miro life lessons like a good father figure (22-23). Miro however forgot them and let Kate get to him (218-219). And honestly Miro, Kate said your people all look the same than you and Artkin look like family. But father figures can't be all fun and bombs you got to scold when scoldable and rebuke when needed. Artkin rebuked, Miro rebuked Miro like there was no tommorow, but not just because of the jeopardy Miro put the mission, but because Artkin doesn't want him to fail.

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