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Love, an emotion everyone can relate to. This theme draws in many readers as it is a very passionate topic. In Nectar in a Sieve, by Kamala Markandaya, she attempts to use love as a major theme throughout the story to keep the audience engaged. However, this method doesn't work in this case because it is not true love, but rather an undermining theme guised by this “fake love.” The true theme, instead of love, is portrayed as anti-feminism and a degradation in power of women. Therefore, love is not an overlying theme in Nectar in a Sieve, but rather women’s dependence on men, which counters feminism beliefs and gives less power to women.
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Rukmani’s decision to forgive Nathan is actually hopeless. This is showing weakness in a woman’s mind and heart. She should have been extremely enraged and also should have left Nathan, for cheating should never be forgiven. This would portray Rukmani as a strong woman who could be independent, stand up for herself, and not just let her husband do as he wishes.
Lastly, another debatable subject is based on the story of Irawaddy. When she is abandoned by her husband, some people may say that it was cultural that her husband needed children. It is possible that he still loved her to a miniscule scale, but the need for children outweighed his love. In addition, Irawaddy falls into prostitution. Many say this shows power from Ira, because she is brave enough to prostitute herself for Kudi. In contrast, there is another side to this topic. It is understandable that Irawaddy’s husband left her because of cultural reasons. However, true love would have meant that he’d stay with her over the need for children. This represents that there was no true love present and that Irawaddy was only a wife to bear children. He left her like she was nothing, which led to Irawaddy’s...

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