Faulty Republicanism Of The Articles Of Confederation

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The Americans after obtaining independence from England needed to establish a form of government. Before the war had ended, the Second Congress of the Confederation called for the drafting of a new government in order to govern this new country, which the Articles of Confederation established. The Articles of Confederation built a government solely based off republican ideals, such as civic virtue, the idea that the states and the people will make sacrifices to the common good in order to benefit everybody. Relying on civic virtue did not pull through as successful for the young country. The Articles of Confederation shone through as successful in organizing and establishing states in the Old Northwest, spreading republican ideals; however, the success of the Articles of Confederation was trumped by its failures. The Articles of Confederation failed to provide a new and young United States with an effective government in its inability to collect tax revenue to pay debts, controlling the mobocratic uprising of upset factions, and dealing with foreign policies; additionally, the failure of the Articles of Confederation revealed the inefficiency and failure of republicanism.

The Articles of Confederation allowed congress to create successful land policies for the Old Northwest. Several states had large western land claims, such as Massachusetts and Virginia, made small landlocked states without western land claims feel inferior. These states ceded their land to the Congress of the Confederation. (Document E). Doing so, it showed that the states were capable of giving to the common good, following the republican idea of civic virtue that the Articles relied on. In dealing with the land of the Old Northwest, the Congress of the Confederation passed the Land Ordinance of 1785, and that organized the Old Northwest into squares of townships that would be sold in order to pay off national debt. The Congress of the Confederation relied on the civic virtue of the states and was able to pay off a substantial amount of the national debt. The Congress of the Confederation later passed the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, which established the process in which the townships of the Old Northwest will have to follow and the requirements they had to meet to become equal states. In order to obtain this statehood, they had to have a governors, judges, and at least sixty thousand residents. Once they reach this, they would be able to draft a state constitution, create bills of rights, establish how representation would work. This effectively spread republicanism among more land and more people as they would become equal states with the same republican ideals that the original states had. The Articles of Confederation effectively dealt with land policies on the Old Northwest in manners that proved the success of civic virtue and its ability to establish equal states in an organized manner.

The colonists refused to pay any taxes, especially if it was going towards a...

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