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Favoring The Second Son Essay

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For being over eight hundred years, the Christ in Majesty with Symbols of the Four Evangelists remained in remarkable condition. However, pieces of the original piece, which originated in the Catalan chapel in Spain, have faded. Portions, especially along the bottom, have disappeared over time. Even though historians moved it to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, it has not been fully restored. The artist identified each of the apostles in the Christ in Majesty with Symbols of the Four Evangelists, but the writing has grown fainter and this creates a difficulty for art historians. Another key factor in the overall story represented has faded--one of the lamps or incense holders beneath Christ.
The positions of the stories in the apse show the importance of the figures represented in the images. Christ's placement in the center of the apse holding a book provides a direct relationship to the bible and his right hand held up in blessing illustrates his divine power blessing the people, who receive the sacrament on the altar below him. Christ is also surrounded by stars, which could represent the heavens and his own divine nature. The Four Symbols of the Evangelists surround him as reminders to the Revelation of Saint John in the last book of the bible about the coming apocalypse, when the judgment of the people occurs. Around these symbols, the artist placed seven lamps to symbolize the seven Christian communities where Saint John addressed his revelation . In the band below, separated by geometric designs similar to San Vitale, the twelve apostles with halos stand holding books. At the bottom, the artist incorporated various scenes from the New Testament from the Annunciation to the Adoration of the Three Kings to demonstrate the early beginnings of Jesus' life. In the windows, the artist depicted the sacrifice of Cain and Able, where Cain eventually killed his brother, because he felt slighted by God. This relates to the main theme of the apse--the Revelation of Saint John. God judged Cain for killing his brother and forced him to walk the earth, and in the book of Revelation God will judge the people in the end times, and those who do not pass will be required to walk the earth for seven years.
The Christ in Majesty with Symbols of the Four Evangelists uses an interesting technique in its apse,...

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