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Through a filter of depression and self-imposed isolation, Catcher In the Rye's Holden Caufield provides a wry, cynical perspective of coming-of-age in America. Nearly fifty years after the book's initial publication, it still captures the universal sense of fear and rejection we must each overcome to achieve our dreams. Although my personality is nothing like Holden's, I was inspired by his resistance to blindly surrender his individuality. He taught me the importance of expanding my world and setting aggressive goals, regardless of anyone else's opinion.Many of Holden's psychological problems stemmed from his inability to accept and resolve conflict. Fortunately, I was blessed with an abundance of resources, both financial and emotional, to build a successful life. From an early age, I knew that life was filled with obstacles. Rather than wallow in idealism like Holden, I use my talents and creativity to overcome whatever blocks my way. Armed with a strong personality and sense of determination, I never let anyone restrict my goals or dreams.One of my earliest goals was to become a championship swimmer. At age nine, I was scheduled to swim in two events, and I needed to place in the top six to be eligible for the championship. When the results of my first race were announced, I discovered that I missed qualifying by just two hundredths of a second. Aware of my disappointment, my teammate tried to comfort me. "Maybe you're just not fast enough this year." I was determined to prove her wrong. Several minutes later, as I prepared for my second event, my heart pounded, my stomach churned, and my mind raced out of control. As I hit the water, I had a single thought. "Prove her wrong." When the results were announced, I discovered that I had exceeded my own expectations. I won the event. I learned a powerful lesson that day about being empowered by failure. Blessed with a strong will, I never give up.Nine years later, I continue to swim competitively on the Waverly Pool swim team and have used my strength as a swimmer to build a lucrative business. After working as a lifeguard, I began teaching swim lessons at the Avon Pool Academy. Last summer, I opened my own swimming instruction program in my backyard, teaching private and group lessons to beginners and adults. When working with a frightened student, I reinforce my powerful childhood lesson about perseverance. "Defeat never comes to any man until he admits it." Buoyed by a...

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1299 words - 6 pages disregarding would have been enlightening, or at least a further exposition of this knowledge if he has it. The next essay in this section deals with rectifying a historical error, and showing the other, true side: The change in early modern government was not from Christian to secular, in fact it was the exact opposite. With the removal or downplay of a strictly religious authority Christian rulers had to act on different motives. They moved from

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653 words - 3 pages secretweapon on the planet that blows it up. When he finishes thebattle he realizes that everyone is cheering behind him.When he asks why they tell him that all of his missionswere real ones against the buggers and that he had justdestroyed all of the buggers.My favorite character in this book is Ender. He is myfavorite character for many reasons. One reason is that he isreally smart. He has a photographic memory and he has a200 IQ. He also

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2134 words - 9 pages ." Stein and Busse 9-26. The main point of this chapter is to explore the effect of the digital/modern age on Sherlock’s Victorian character. They look at the reinvention of Sherlock and they see whether Sherlock is lost or found in technology. The book looks at the reception of Sherlock to the audience as an “evolving transmedia figure.” They say that while the BBC does look at Sherlock with a 21st century view, Sherlock’s character stays

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596 words - 2 pages you are there with the family and each person is very unique and developed in a way sometimes not even achievable in real life. The book is very extensive but not at all monotonous. Each chapter has a new shocking event or twist that usually ends up further incapacitating the Joad family. The Grapes of Wrath is definitely a suspenseful kind of book.First of all, John Steinbeck is one of my favorite authors. He is world renowned and has several

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1236 words - 5 pages the piece, but throws bits and pieces out as the book progresses to give the reader more to chew as they read. I like this strategy because it keeps the reader interested in what is going to happen or become of their favorite/least favorite character of the piece. The best is that all while the book the reader is told that Pansy’s mother has died and that she was raised by Mr. Osmond her entire life along with the convent. Pansy is a quiet girl

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