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My favorite extracurricular activity is the debate team, which I first joined as a high school freshman. I moved to a new school that year and was a shy, withdrawn young girl who wasn't quite sure where I would fit in. My guidance counselor, Ms. Evans, suggested that the debate team might bring me out of my shell and help me to make friends. She had no idea what a monster she was creating.My first few days on the debate team didn't look promising. I was still painfully shy, and was constantly told to "Speak up" because no one could hear me. I still remember turning beet red with embarrassment when our coach, Dr. Jones, told me I sounded like a guppy who was swimming downstream. Everyone else seemed so confident and self-assured. I didn't really feel that I fit in.Dr. Jones thought the problem was a lack of conviction. While I was always well-prepared for the debates, I didn't seem to really care about the topics, making it hard to sway observers to my side. He finally suggested that I personally select the topic for our next debate. The only condition was that that it had to be something I felt passionately about. I chose AIDS awareness.When we debated the topic the following week , my fellow students thought an alien being had taken over my body. I argued in favor of AIDS education with more fire and energy than they had ever seen. I politely discredited every argument the other side made against my points and had facts to back up my assertions. Long after my teammates were tiring of the subject, I was still...

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1001 words - 5 pages I believe a healthy hobby equals a happy person. There are a ton of bad hobbies out there for someone to choose from. Whether that hobby be getting blacked out drunk and passing out anywhere and everywhere. Participating in illegal activity is another popular hobby. I am no angel. When it comes to choosing a healthy hobby. I am not one to judge. I have participated in things unthinkable to some people. I have done the drugs, illegal activity

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925 words - 4 pages that their favorite pastime is cooking and some would enjoy skydiving or deep sea diving. Any and every hobby that you have can be used to spur up some high quality content for your website. Never think that your hobby is not good enough, there are hundreds and thousands of people around the world who may share the same exact passion that you have, and if you put the right content, then these people will become your audience. Having degrading

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559 words - 2 pages Soccer is my Hobby Why soccer is my hobby. Everybody has different hobbies that he or she would like to do for fun or relaxation. They can be either physical activities like jogging, football, swimming, skateboarding… or mental activities like reading, watching movies, playing computers… and depend on each personality. For me, soccer is my hobby because it’s part of my life and I cannot live without it. Living in country like Vietnam

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708 words - 3 pages fascination with model trains in a basement, garage, or spare room. One thing to keep in mind about this activity is it can keep children occupied with an activity that does not involve video games or smartphone apps. The Movement The way a model train moves around the track is often the most appealing aspect of this hobby. One of the many benefits of model railroading is the combination of many interests. This will include having a model train

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803 words - 3 pages RC tank combat is an exciting hobby that offers military enthusiasts the opportunity to recreate combat situations using their favorite armored vehicles from history. These vehicles range from tanks to armored cars, to even including artillery pieces. If you are passionate about military history, then this hobby offers you the opportunity to recreate tank battles from the past and test your own strategies in simulated combat situations. As

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572 words - 2 pages sports-a-holic? A sports-a-holic is just a person who enjoys watching sports or playing sports to a greater extent than the average sports fan. Still, doesn?t the term "holic" indicate a person who is really into a hobby? The term "holic" just gives such people with strong hobbies a bad name. An alcoholic is a person whose hobby just happens to be drinking excessively. They like to practice their hobby often - they can do it during any hours of the

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685 words - 3 pages Molding & Shaping"¦ What do people do in their spare time? How do they pass hours and hours without getting bored? Well, it's pretty simple, actually. Each person has his or her own hobbies and interests that he enjoys. Whether it's collecting something or playing something, it can be anything. As long as the person enjoys doing it, and does it on a regular basis, it can be classified as a general interest or hobby. Hobbies vary from

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976 words - 4 pages According to the New York Times, canning has seen “an incredible surge of interest recently.” This is not the only newspaper to comment on the growing trend in home food preservation. For this study, online articles from six different North American newspapers with publication dates ranging from 2009 until 2011 were analyzed to determine whether canning is a hobby of distinction or democracy. Josée Johnston and Shyon Baumann’s Foodies

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1364 words - 5 pages experiance of a plant. Gardeners can care for plants practically anywhere, whether you are on the building tops deep in a city or spacious farm land in the middle of no-where-land. Just because you garden doesn’t necessarily mean that it becomes consuming of your time. It is a great hobby in the sense that you can bring it to any degree you are comfortable with. For instance, if you prefer a few shrubs and rose bushes bordering your home, that

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1027 words - 5 pages friends and family, these people turn to television to mask the despair of their reality. “For some, watching television consumes their entire day. This is especially true of older Americans, who watch on average 97% more TV than any other age group. Those living alone or who are living alone or who are shut-ins often find this activity the only way to endure long lonely days” (Turck). Television has become a dependency for demanding families

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1660 words - 7 pages or hobby but ensuring that the sport does not kill off any local species of hare or whatever else is caught.” -‘ http://www.grapeshisha.com/about-uae/traditional-uae-sports.html’ “The peregrine was the falcon most often trained before easier communications brought in sakers and sometimes a few lanners from other parts of the Middle East. But the peregrine’s great speed and elegance makes it still the favorite and most expensive bird. When the

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Favorite Hobby Or Activity Essay

609 words - 2 pages intense 90 degree heat, wiping sweat from our brows as we cheered the Sox on. It didn't matter if they won or lost, as long as they gave it their all. We were loyal fans and supported the team in foul weather and bad seasons, long after they were eliminated from pennant consideration. I'd tumble into bed exhasuted those nights, confident that in twenty years I would be on the other side of the turnstyle as a player for my favorite team.I'm not there

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809 words - 3 pages share their devotion. While Hunter and his brood were champion show dogs, we didn't restrict them to crates or to a pen in the back yard. They were considered family and they lived with us in the house. This was unsettling to non-canine lovers, who viewed with disdain our pups sleeping on the bed and watching television on the recliner. I was the dog's devoted owner and never understood the problem.When I was seven, I began attending dog shows with

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897 words - 4 pages debt or unable to pay your bills from aggressively pursuing this hobby. At this point, you would need to reevaluate how much and how often you can afford to do this activity, then scale back until it is within your means. Another thought about consequences is if this hobby takes you away from interacting with your family regularly or if it interferes with you job. On the other hand, the pursuit of a hobby my lead them into a career or into

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3007 words - 13 pages similar activity, the taxpayer’s history of income or losses, the amount of profits, financial capability, and if there is personal satisfaction in the activity. This article examines the structural pyramid of a hobby farm and how it functions. Research into the business structure of the hobby farm reveals that it is quite different from traditional farms. These differences include farm size, structure, land ownership, and enterprise. Most hobby