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In our daily lives, we are too busy to do the things that we always want to do. So, we live lives of boring repetition. However, we have become adjusted to it so almost none of us complain. T.S. Eliot was born in St. Louis, Missouri and eventually moved to London, England. Extremely well educated, Eliot wrote many highly praised poems. For example, The Waste Land was assembled out of dramatic vignettes based on Eliot’s London life. Another poem, Preludes, talks about the daily lives of people where it starts off simple, but leads into something deeper than everyday life. Three reasons why I relate to Preludes by T.S. Eliot are evenings, mornings, and spiritually.
In Preludes by T.S Eliot, a city is being described by all the things that happen in the evening. The smell of steaks is everywhere. When this poem was composed, steaks were inexpensive and were commonly eaten by members of the lower class. I can relate to this ...view middle of the document...

In Preludes T.S. Eliot describes the sights and smells of the mornings in the city. After the lethargic night, everything and everyone start to move and stretch out their limbs. Eliot describes the streets smelling of faint stale beer. Footprints in the mud trampled streets lead to coffee-stands. When I wake up in the mornings, I smell coffee in my house and breakfast, steaming and ready for me to eat. Eliot mentions how many “masquerades” in the city are going on at the same time and that “one thinks of all the hands that are raising dingy shades in a thousand furnished rooms.” Continuing on, Eliot switches the point of view to the reader and describes how we might wake up in the mornings. We toss blankets from our bed, lie on our back and wait for the night to reveal many new things.
T.S. Eliot turns the simple beginning of Prelude into a complicated form consisted of the spirit’s relation to the city. The soul leaves your body as you lay in bed and stare at the ceiling. It flickers against the ceiling and a vision of the street appears in your mind. The soul then takes a journey across the skies that fade behind a city block. Eliot says that the soul is, “trampled by insistent feet at four and five and six o’clock.” Eliot means that everyone is rushing to get home at those times and they don’t stop and take their time. We are too rushed now that technology has taken over our lives. Short, square fingers stuff the pipes and tired eyes scan the newspapers. This poem reminds me of home.
Evenings, mornings, and spiritually are the three ways that Preludes by T.S. Eliot relates to me. When I go to church, we often talk about the spirit and how we can be fulfilled if we believe in God. Well, Eliot describes the spirit as moving around, but is trampled on during the busy hours of the morning and night. Eliot seems to be hinting that humans don’t take time to relax. They leave places in ruins because we are always on the go, never stopping. Mornings are stressful; evenings are stressful. We always do the preludes, but never the climax of life. We stay the same consistency throughout our whole lives and Eliot is telling us that it is useless. We always work and never play.

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