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My favorite sport is soccer that is also known as football in Europe and most of the parts of the world. It is hugely popular game in the world and this is why it is the most played game of the world and almost all the countries of the Europe have their own football leagues and the Barclays premier league of England is the most widely watched league of all, even in the countries that don’t have a proper football setup and team like India and Pakistan. Other countries of different continents also have their own leagues but that are not very much popular around the world. This game has everything for people of all the age groups and that is why it is widely played, followed and liked all ...view middle of the document...

There are multiple steps and a sincere effort that is required for the purpose of decreasing the phenomenon of the racism because these kinds of event result in decreasing the shine and beauty of this game. Firstly the studies have shown that the major portion of racism events occurs in the minor leagues and for that purpose efforts related to eliminate this problem at the grass root level is required. New kinds at the young age shall be taught that the racism is a plague for this game and the game has to get rid of it. They shall be given proper education by the football clubs that hire them and train them to play in the bigger leagues and this shall not be very difficult as the minds of kids at the young age can be molded and hence educating them will be an easy task for the clubs. Secondly all the clubs shall make internal rules and punishments for the players, staff and even the supporters of the club that are involved in the events of racism and shall be treated accordingly. And these rules and regulations shall be different or separate from the punishments that are given by the federations of the footballs of the countries and these punishments shall be strict ones so that a clear message shall be given to all the people that this club doesn’t take racism lightly and that is why strict punishments will be given to anyone involved in these kind of activities. Secondly the legendary players shall be used to create...

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