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Favorite Text Essay

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This semester has been the longest semester of my life. Once I think after this week things should slow down a little bit I have never been so wrong in my life. I haven’t been so stressed about your class as much this year as I was last year just because I have had some practice. Now that it is finals week and this National Peace Essay kind of came out of nowhere. Looking back on this Semester there is one text that I really thought was interesting was Earth on Turtle’s Back. I have no idea why I liked this text so much, but I really like it. The beginning picture caught my eye and I just made a turtle bowl that looks kind of like that picture same color and everything. Some of the people in the class were like why did you like that text so much that’s weird. I think I liked the text Earth on Turtle’s Back retold my Michael Caduto and Joseph Bruchac because I think that the legend is cool, I like the message that no matter how small you are you can do anything, and I liked the message never give up.
Caduto and Bruchac retold the story of Earth on Turtle’s Back I think that the legend is really interesting and how other people think that the earth began I like hearing different versions of the story. I like how this text gives us a sense that there are other kinds of cultures out there. We are so used to having everyone the same and when something new comes along we don’t like it because it is new to us. I like this text because I like turtle’s for one and how they made it like you were actually hearing this story be told. It isn’t one of those texts that you have to read because Mr. McGee made you. It was an actual story that people talk about and tell each other and I think that is really cool. I like learning about new culture and old stories that get passed down I think they are fascinating.
In Earth on Turtle’s Back retold by Caduto and Bruchac this was my favorite text because I like the message that came from it no matter how small you are you can do anything. This is kind of important to me for two reasons the first one is because I am short and this can cause me trouble and I know that I can figure out a way to get past that obstacle. The second reason...

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