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During first semester in Mr. McGee’s class, we read and went over many texts. All of the texts were quite different from each other also. There were different types as well, such as stories, elegies, poems, satiric essays, and more. Out of the multiple texts that we went over, my three favorites are Beowulf, Macbeth, and a Nocturnal Reverie. All of these texts are different from each other, and I will explain why these three wonderful texts were my favorite.
First of all, during the first quarter we read the story of Beowulf. This story is about a great man named Beowulf, he is a huge strong man, and can defeat anyone. When he hears about how King Hrothgar is having trouble with Grendle, a slimy monster, he comes to help out. He defeats Grendle and then he has to defeat Grendle’s mom. He defeats her as well, and then comes the next issue. He has to defeat the great dragon. By the time that he has to defeat the dragon, he is an old man, but he knows that he must defend his honor and kill the dragon for the people. He gets help by one of his best friends, and unfortunately they kill the dragon but Beowulf dies as well. This is one of my favorite texts because it is very interesting and wasn’t boring. I like action movies, and this is a very action filled text. It wasn’t very difficult to read wither, which was a plus. Beowulf is a great text and if you haven’t read it yet you should consider doing so.
My next favorite text from this semester is Macbeth by William Shakespeare. This is about a man named hamlet and his wife. They are very jealous for power and will do whatever it takes to become king and queen. They first kill King Duncan when he is staying over at their castle, and then blame it on his guards. Next, they kill one of their best friends Banquo because they believe his sons will...

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