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Favorite Texts Essay

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This semester has been really tiring. It has been really stressful for me lately with all my classes. It is hectic preparing for finals, finishing up end of the year projects, as well as practicing for state soccer. It is not easy being a 4.0 student athlete. It’s probably the most stressful thing for a high school student. Some people think that the athletes have it easy but they don’t. We have to work hard to earn our spot. We constantly have sports as well as school on our mind. It is especially hard for someone who wants to become a college athlete. They are trying to do everything possible to become the best athlete possible. They are in the weight room a lot trying to become stronger. ...view middle of the document...

In the short story Carry Your Own Skis by Lian Dolan, it says, “And I also learned that in life you need to be responsible for yourself and your stuff or you miss out.” All throughout the story, if the narrator wouldn’t have been taught by her mom to carry her own skis, she wouldn’t have appreciated the ride down. She would have just taken the sport for granted. This is something that would have later bitten her in the butt. She would have been more likely to always be dependent on others.
Another one of my favorite texts is Arthur Ashe by John McPhee because of all the success he accomplished even throughout all the hard times he went through. Having your mom die is hard for anyone. The most impressive part of the story is how he overcame it. We are all going to have hard experiences in our life, what we need to learn is how to work through it. It is hard but it is something that has got to be done. If not, one will be very depressed for the rest of their life. He took everything he learned from his mother, and used it to make him a better player as well as person. The good manners and patience she taught him was a big part of his success. Patience is a big part of tennis. The games can be really short and it is easy to lose confidence when you’re down. Arthur Ashe never lost his confidences. In the story Arthur Ashe by John McPhee, is says, “What it is is controlled cool, in a way Always gave the situation under control, even if losing. Never betray an inward sense of defeat. You can never give...

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