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Fbi Career          The Reason That I Choose The Path

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FBI Career The reason that I choose the path of the FBI agent for the career that I wanted to research was that it simply seemed like a career that would interest me. One it pays well. Two it also is a job where there are all different sorts of qualified people that have the job of an FBI agent. And for Three my third and final reason is that being a FBI agent typically is a life long job so the Career of a FBI agent is a very secure on in fact. Now on to the more specifics more precisely the pay, the FBI agent is a very well-paid government job. For starters the entry level pay is over $50,000 a year to start. And to go on further there are also many quote UN quote "secret" jobs that pay many times more then the starting entry level positions. But of course these, fun jobs, are withheld from the general public. And due to that unfortunately I am unable to list these "secret" jobs for your reading pleasure.And yet still even with all the secrety behind the FBI agents they are still able to enjoy a wealth of benefits.Some more specifics on the perks of the job FBI agent, can include full coverage by a federal health insurance, that only they are allowed to join and they are also given a very generous pension plan as well.Another very important perk that the FBI agents have is the fact that they are also assured to have loads of job security since the FBI is always looking for more people and the FBI is a federal institution is not like a corporation in the fact that there is no chance for unreasonable dismissale from your job. The only real way that you would be fired would be that you would have had to have performed poorly in the field and no job can protect you from stupidity.Now I would like to give you a glance at what the everyday life of an FBI agent can be, and also how it change dramatically from one day to the next. But don't worry the job of a FBI agent will never include a day of endless button pushing. So your safe no need to worry. See the thing is that a field agents you are usually kept on the move, looking for clues and investigating alleged crimes so they really don't have time for any of that button pushing nonsense. And I bet you are thinking that well duh a field agent would never have to do the "button pushing" but what about all the other agents would they have to be the button pushers? Don't worry the won't the other FBI agents such as the forensic scientist you will be busy having to analyze many different things all the time and if they don't have to "button push who would? So in summary I belive that everyday in the FBI world is unique.One thing that all FBI agents have to have in common is that they all have a multitude of functions no matter on...

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