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Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said, “In our personal ambitions we are individualists. But in our seeking for economic and political progress as a nation, we all go up or else all go down as one people” (“Herbert Hoover”). This quote highlights FDR’s realistic approach to the economic problems that plagued America and the need for a united people during the 1930s. The dire fiscal conditions and public support significantly helped Roosevelt win the election of 1932, a political turning point where a Democrat won the presidency, which had previously been dominated by Republicans. Roosevelt got the economy back in motion by passing stabilizing banking regulation; his term also marks the creation of New Deal policies, which helped people get back to work. Overall, Roosevelt’s presidency during the Great Depression marked the reversal of political parties, standardization of banking regulation, and New Deal policies such as Social Security and work programs, which have become ingrained in American society and politics.
The election of 1932 was dominated by the Great Depression that crippled the structure of the American political and social society. People were desperate for a solution to their extreme unemployment that had defeated the hardworking middle class and pushed them to the edge of poverty. Many looked to the government to solve their ever growing lists of financial and social problems; unfortunately, the government originally did nothing. The Republican Laissez-faire attitude was to let the economy fix itself with little to no government interference. President Herbert Hoover later realized that this stance wasn’t helping the United States. He then expanded public works and sponsored the Reconstruction Finance Corporation that loaned money to banks, industries, and state and local governments (Boller 231). His actions were simply too little too late. The upcoming election reflected how much the failing economy had cost Hoover. The presidential election of 1932 brought out the strong emotions of voters who wanted change, and many were disappointed in their president’s lack of action in fixing the gapping holes in the American economy. This election famously marked a political realignment in voter loyalty at the presidential level from the Republican to the Democratic Party. The Democratic platform for this election grabbed voters with its praises over the administration’s anti-depression measures, calling for a balanced budget and a protective tariff (Newman). The Democrats attracted the common man, who felt the most hardships from the depression and were appealed by the party’s promise of change.
The realignment of the country during the election of 1932 resulted in massive wins for the Democratic Party. The Democrats not only won the presidency, but also had 71.9% of the House seats (“Election of 1932”). Roosevelt’s election left a huge impact on America’s majority political party. The Democratic Party mostly held the presidency...

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