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Fdr New Deals Essay

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt became the 32nd president of the united states after defeating Hoover in the election. After he became president he created many programs that tried to relieve from the Great Depression. He was known as the doctor to heal the nation. There were three new programs that stood out that believed to help get out of the Great Depression. The first one will be the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC), the second one is the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA), and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). Each of these Deals helped nation as well as having a bad impact to it also.
One of FDR’s deals dealt with the Civilian Conservation Corp or CCC for young men who are out of ...view middle of the document...

It was created in 1933. The administration was mad so that it could help farmers who were really affected by the Great Depression. The thing the AAA did to the farmers was getting paid by not growing crops. While more animals were being raised. However soon farmers soon planted more crops while more baby animals were being born. Which caused a major problem that didn’t meet the AAA guidelines so in order for the “ AAA to meet guidelines, farmers had to plow under portions of their crop and kill the newborn animals.” (Nash 457). From their caused even more problems the people would be starving and the their throwing away the dead animals instead of eating them which they thought of it as a huge waste. In the words of Henry A. Wallace he stated “ Agriculture cannot survive in the capitalistic society as philanthropic enterprise.” (Nash 457). Roosevelt decided to buy some crops and livestock before everything was gone and then distributed to the needy. By 1936 the farms income increased by 50% and the prices rose.
The final program that was selected is the Tennessee Valley Authority or TVA. The TVA was created in 1933. The TVA build dams in the Tennessee River to turn the river into power as electricity. Most of the TVA’s had more intensions like “ It was intended to enrich the land, to create fish-filled lakes that would, in...

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