Fdr’s Image To Be Emblazoned On Food Stamps

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The era of the Great Depression was from 1929 to 1939. During this time, the stock market crashed and many people lost everything, leaving them with barely enough money to feed their families. Then in 1935 in the midst of all the hard times a new program was enacted. Food stamps were introduced to supply hungry people without money, a way to purchase food. Although it had a very negative connotation to the people during the depression it did have a point. The Onion used satire to make the most serious issue of the thirties uncomplicated, people were starving and desperately needed food they used mockery and humor to prove this need in light manner.
Onion uses satire in the article titled FDR’s Image to be Emblazoned on Commemorative Food Stamp. The editor, Maria Schneider flouts the idea and the fundamental concepts of Food Stamps. One way they do this is by saying, “ These welfare families will be in a class all by themselves, using special currency to buy food and clothing for their children while everyone else looks on, green with envy as they are forced to use the boring U.S. currency of which we’ve all grown tired of (p. 54).” In this quote the editor, is using satire to its fullest extent by mocking the idea of food stamps. Food stamps were created for people who could not afford food, to feed their families, during the great depression. When food stamps first began people had a lot of pride, being raised to earn their own keep and be self-sufficient. Many were not willing to get help because they were afraid of being seen as a charity case. Because of this by the year 1939 only 700,000 people in the country were using this new system, leaving at least ⅔ of all eligible children unassisted. This makes the mockery even more clear because most people, even though they were starving, were too worried about saving face to get help; must less being jealous of those who do need assistance. If someone did use the new food stamp program they did not let everyone know they kept it quiet because preserving their dignity was more important than letting their neighbors know they were in need and receive pity. ...

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