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Fdr Was A Significant President Government And Politics Essay

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FDR was clearly the most significant president of the C20th
The Great Depression lasted from 1929 till 1939, this was the biggest economic crisis in industrialism history. Franklin D. Roosevelt was in his second term as governor on New York City when he got elected the 32nd President of the US in 1933. FDR was thrown into the Presidency at the worst time possible, but FDR made a bank holiday and speaking to the public in a series of ‘fireside chats’. As a President he really connected and cared about the people and knew he was the one who had to get them out of this crisis.
Within 100 days of FDR in Presidency, he signed the New Deal into law. This created 42 new agencies that were meant to create more jobs, allow unionization and provide unemployment insurance. Many of these programmes still exist which show that FDR is the most significant President as he got the country out of tough and desperate times. The policies he created were very successful, so successful that some are used today.
Furthermore, FDR was elected for four terms. FDR decided to run for a third term as he knew America needed a strong leader as they were on the brink of war. Throughout the war FDR was seen to be a strong and stable leader, he described America to have become a “great arsenal of democracy”. FDR was then re-elected for a fourth term as the war was not yet won. However, three months later FDR died from a haemorrhage at age 63. Roosevelts thirteen years in office meant he had a lot of time to make a difference and help the American people, he got them through two of the worst times in American history, the great depression and WW2. No other President has ever had to deal with something so traumatic while also having to run the country.
In contrast, George Washington was the first President of the united states. Washington served as commander in chief in the American revolution. Washington was later elected President by the electoral college, which is still used today. Washington also believe that he was one of the people so insisted on being called Mr. President which is also still used today. Washington created many procedures that are still used in the office today which makes him significant as still after hundreds of years he is still remembered.
However, if it was not for Abraham Lincoln the US Presidency wouldn’t be what it is today. Lincoln abolished slavery which cause a lot of friction between him and his people, but he took a risk that he knew was...

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