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When starting off a discussion of such a delicate topic, it’s necessary to exercise a bit of caution. I don’t know how the people reading this see drunk drivers, whether they are related to one or have been affected by drunk drivers. I don't want to step on a landmine and end up having my argument being completely ignored. The point of this essay is to clearly state what we think should be done, though, so I'll do just that. I want there to be stricter punishments for those charged with drunk driving, or a DWI. I say this not as a person who has had nothing to do with the issue, but as someone who has, like many others, been close to a victim of this. I know that drunk drivers currently only go through a few years of jail time sometimes, but can opt out near the end with community service. In situations in previous years, the person committing the crime could not only walk away without jail time, but also without any kind of reprimand. He or she could even go on to cause other intoxicated accidents, and only then be imprisoned. What I propose is that perpetrators of this crime be given the certainty of jail time, as well as have to commit to community service in a field that relates to the after effects of drinking while intoxicated. People who have committed this crime should understand what they have done. It seems appropriate for them to play a small part in any necessary payment for anything relating to their victims, whether that means paying for funeral costs, or surgeries. These people should be made aware of how much they have affected the lives of others, both immediately and at a later point in time.
I would want to specify to the reader that this isn't just a topic I spoke randomly. I want them to know that this truly is something I care about and relate to. Right now, my mother is trying to decide a date for a surgery whose necessity can be traced back to when she was in a car accident 13 years ago. I was only one year old, and didn't understand, but now I can see that not only is she picking dates dependent on what would be best with her work schedule, but also with what would be the best time to pay, in case our insurance doesn’t fully cover it. I have never heard of the man, who caused such a dramatic event in my mother’s life, stepping forward to help. I don’t even know what happened to him. That makes me angry, because whether he survived or not is something that should be talked about. The whole attempt to put it all behind us is apalling to me. A while ago, when I understood the gravity of the situation, I tried to find out what the man had been forced to do for having put the lives of others in danger by drinking and driving. What I found was appalling in the fact that I almost lost my mother, that she was in so much danger of dying, and the man only had to go through some time in the hospital, and then he was free. Perhaps his license was revoked, or suspended. Perhaps he obtained some points on his drivers license, which...

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