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In this outline, I will briefly describe my area of focus in my research provided with reasons. Then, I will go on to describe observations that I find inspiring, useful and worth mentioning. The research question will be stated and methods of data collection and respective difficulties will be illustrated thereafter. Finally, I will indicate what I have already read and what I intend to read in the bibliography.

Area of Focus
In my research, I will focus on the area of motivations. It is because in my observation, I found most students on task even they have been misbehaving, let alone what ability they have, what year they study or what lessons they attend. I have never seen this neither in my obervation nor my actual teaching experience. Supervision is neccessary for keeping students on task in Hong Kong. If they stay on-task as much as students in the UK do, teachers can put more effort on teaching rather than making students on task. Therefore, I am interested in looking at different factors contributing to this phenomenon.

Informal Observations
After observing a range of lessons for three days, I could find various differences between education in Hong Kong and the UK in aspects like the teaching styles of teachers, degree of participation of students and the curriculum. Teachers show more patience, tolerance and appreciation upon students than those in Hong Kong. I remembered that a Geography teacher taught rather energetically throughout the whole lesson. He moved around and highly projected his voice to approach every student. Much intonation was also used to raise their attention. Besides, students appeared to be more active compared to those in Hong Kong. They were willing to ask questions and the teacher welcome every question. He kept answering them for about 10 minutes which I have never heard in my home city. He didn’t even show any impatience but appreciation to every question as contribution. According to Dörnyei(2001), being passionate in teaching and the subject is regarded as a right manner for teachers to motivate students to learn. Apparently, the students in the Geography lesson were highly motivated.

Once our group went to visit a Spanish class, we were told that the class had nearly the worst discipline in the school. We did not expect that lesson to be quiet and peaceful. Different distracting behaviours were frequently observed as expected, for example talking, sleeping and bullying. Surprisingly, all students, including those who have been disruptive, remained on task whenever they were assigned one. The Spanish teacher conducted one of the tasks using the interactive whiteboard. She showed the students animations and asked them questions. The vocabulary and structure of sentence involved were taught in previous lessons according to the teacher. All students paid attention to the animations and showed active participation. The task was fun enough to catch students’ attention. As Dörnyei and Csizér(1998)...

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