Women In America: Underrepresented And Over Sexualized

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Media is the largest and most influential resource in the world. People learn more from media than any other resource. However media can be very dangerous. Media often degrades and misrepresents women. Girls get the message from early on that what is most important is how they look. No matter what a woman accomplishes, her self-worth and value will always rely on appearance. Media devalues women through music, video games, television/film, even women in politics are undermined. Most of the time, women are stereotyped into being perfect people with silky hair, perfect teeth, incredibly skinny bodies, etc. Media tends to reinforce these stereotypes as that is not a true representation of actual women.
One way women are misrepresented, and probably the most influential way, is through celebrities. Many of these famous figures provide very bad examples to younger women. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and many others give young girls, and boys, false ideas of women and often times bad ideas. Huge celebrities like those act in a sexualized manner and dress in exhibiting attire. Young boys are given the impression that all females are supposed to look that way and young girls feel like something is wrong with them because they don’t look that way.
Not only do celebrities misrepresent women, but music adds to this problem. Specifically rap music, the vulgar lyrics and over sexualized music videos give people the wrong idea of American women. Rappers like ASAP Rocky, Lil’ Wayne, and Jay-Z use their lyrics to describe women in derogatory words that would devalue a woman’s self. Music videos also show women wearing extremely revealing clothing and dancing in provocative ways. Most of these rappers are male, and the women in the music videos are made to look appealing to the male eye. People are given the impression that all women behave the way some women do in rap music videos, and that affects the way women are treated.
So far, celebrities and music are shown to devalue women. However, video games play a part in this too. Several video games such as Mortal Kombat characterize women as having an oversized bust, skinny waist and are typically dressed in scantily clad clothing. Statistics show that the largest demographic of video gamers is men from ages 18-35. Any male who see’s this will get the idea that every single woman should look like this. Another video game that belittles women is the Grand Theft Auto series. A common example in this video game is the featuring of prostitutes. The game also gives you the option to hit and beat up women. Not only does Grand Theft Auto deprecate women, but it advocates violence against them.
Another big part of media that misrepresents women are movies and television. Women in...

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