Women In Art And Their Role’s In Society.

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Women have played many roles in societies since the dawn of time ever changing with time and from society to society. Each society hold a special place and role for women good and bad. Freedoms and equality of women has varied from opression to freedom. I will discuss some specific pieces of art and explain how the art shows the role of women in a specific society. I will tell you of their paril and achivements through time. Giving you a glimpse into the lives of women and how they were percieved by males and society. Some have have reveared women and some have disrespected them but through it all women have found a way to perservear. Women hold a place in history from culture to culture, and we see this in many pieces of art. From the art we can have a glimpse into a culture view of women and how they were treated in society.
Akhenaten, Nefertiti, and their children blessed by the Aten(solar disk), relief from Akhenaten (tell el-Amarna. 1348-1335 B.C.E. In the relief from egypt. Akhenaten and Nefertiti are seated on thrones or chairs and are of equal size. Akhenaten holds his daughter and appears to be kissing her Nefertiti Also has one of their daughters on her lap. The sun is pictured between them at the top shining down on all of them. In this piece of art you can see that an emphasis is put on family and women of upper class being fairly equal to men. Women in eqypt had the right to divorce, own property such as land, slaves, and were entitled to their belongings before marriage apon divorce. Women also could hold job in this time in egypt often as pristesses or professional mourners at funerarie events. They also made wages at these jobs. Women were shown in a very public form with men in egyptian society. Very few people were edjucated to read and write but the small percentage of women who were edjucated could hold a wide variety of jobs and recieved equal pay to men. Though women were not equal to men women in egypts had many rights that women in other societies did not recieve. Egyptions view the their world and universe as a equal amount of Male and female a ting and yang of sorts.
Bell-Krater: obserse banquet scene found at Cumae From the Greek period. This painting shows men laying on chaises while women play them music and serve them food. The men are tan from working outside while the women are pale because they spent most of their time in the home in Greece. Women were only allowed out of the home on special occations only such as, festivals and to go to the watering hole. Women in Greece had very few freedoms much of life was spent raising children and caring for their husbands and home. women were often stricken to the back of the home while men ate together and conversed women lived a very solitary life. Women of greece were not allowed to partak in wine as males were. This...

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