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Women In Ground Combat Units Essay

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On January 3, 2013 women were being considered for roles in ground-combat operations, causing a debate, can women effectively participate in combat? Some men and women are ready for the change and feel women can do anything a man can do. Others feel that it will affect unit cohesion and morale. Training standards being lowered to allow women to join more elite combat groups is another concern.
Many people think women joining ground-combat units are only going to complicate the unit’s morale and cohesion by introducing sexual tension between squad members. The theory behind this is that these units need to bond together and, that men and women who bond together will develop emotional attachment. Emotional attachment does not sound too bad until something like a break up or other catalyst severs that attachment. The animosity would spread to all squad members if forced to choose sides. Pregnancy is another concern because it could stop a unit from being deployed. Another fear some have is a man’s instinct to protect women stopping a unit from completing their mission. A mission can be jeopardized if too many soldiers get injured or killed in action while trying to protect or save a woman in distress.
Sexual assault and harassment are major issues being addressed in the debate due to the increase in sexual assault and harassment cases involving enlisted men and women. Some are speculating that by allowing more women in more combat units, sexual assault and harassment cases will increase. These acts can destroy a combat unit by lowering morale or even disband a unit if the court issues a restraining order.
The common concern for everyone involved in the debate, is training standards being lowered to allow more women in these ground-combat units. To better understand this, think of it as affirmative action for women in the military, where each unit would have to have so many women it. If by allowing women in these units in an affirmative action style, to get the amount of women needed to join the unit, the training standards would have to be lowered because so few women would pass. The lowering of training standards weakens the unit as a whole. If the navy seals lower training standards to allow more members (male or female) they would...

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