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American Government Research Paper - Women and GenderThe Declaration of Independence written in 1776 stated that 'all men are created equal'. This statement denied women's rights; hence women did not have the right to vote in the US except in the state of New Jersey, married women did not have the right to ownership of property, wages and money, the right to education and professional training. A few women started fighting for the rights of women and this led to the signing of Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions which stated that men and women are created equal.During the civil war women disguised themselves as men and took part in the war because women were not allowed to fight in war or be involved in political affairs. After 1871, when the law against wife battery was passed and several other changes took place such as women studying courses that were normally dominated by men and women joining the police force.Starting 1900 several movements for women's rights took place and more notably women's health and sex education. The women were advocating for the use of birth control method which the government had banned in the US. In the First World War women were allowed to join the army but were no longer allowed after the end of the war. However, in 1920 they were again allowed into the army but not with full rights and privileges. In 1920, women finally got the right to vote and the first woman was elected to the senate in1932.Gender is the relationship between men and women. Men and women are differentiated by a number of characteristics for example, sex and social role. The distinction between men and women results in gender inequality and inequity which eventually affects social structures that shape how people relate (born, grow, live, work, age, and die) because one group is favored over the other. Gender relations have transformed over the years of history when women were always subordinate and viewed as property to men. Like other social relations, gender relations as experienced in daily life and in the everyday relations (Bullock, 1).Women just like men have a right to education, to work, to good health facilities and to participate in all events of the public life. Women should have access to affordable and relevant health care services have fundamental rights, quality reproductive health and safe motherhood. But in most countries including US women rights are abused which causes the misappropriation of essential services and violation of human rights (O'Connor, 170).Good reproductive health, education and freedom are fundamental human rights. Women should have accurate information about HIV/AIDS, they should have the right to choose when to get pregnant, have the right to safe and satisfying sex life and have access to reproductive health services. During pregnancy women should be educated on ways to take care of themselves and the unborn baby. Most women lose their lives during pregnancy and child birth; hence no woman should...

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