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Pakistan, is not like us. They’re communities are ridden with terrorist operations, their idealism threatens the very foundations of security we are built off of and their very culture is so heterogeneous from our own that the differences lead to justification. Justification of what the U.N. is now considering a potential war crime, the drone strike. The U.S. middle eastern foreign policy has been a fan of drone strikes for a long time, no risk of losses on our own side, no risks of pilots tiring, just smooth calculated killing of the gravest threats to national security. However the drone strike is not a perfect weapon, it is said that for every one terrorist killed, fifty civilians are killed by accident. With this silent weapon, we have instilled something very familiar to these foreigners, we have instilled fear. Shocking isn’t it, that thousands of miles overseas the same fear we receive when we confront our inner demons is the same fear that the oh-so foreign Pakistan feels every time they hear a low hum and see a shiny drone looming in the distance. While it is true Pakistan is different than us, there remains an aspect of society that is as pervasive as emotion itself, fear. Fear of death, fear of terror, fear of the unknown. While fear has always been a warning signal in our minds of potential threats we also know it as a feeling of helplessness and despair. However, while fear seems to be a pervasively spread sickness, fear is our greatest strength. Fear has been used to uphold individual morality, perpetuate societal stability as well as lead to new innovation.
Death has always been a popular instiller of fear. Death by plane crash, death by monsters, death by the monsters lurking within men. In the book The Hot Zone by Richard Preston, the deadly viruses Marburg and Ebola are analyzed, as well as their impact on society. While viruses do play their part in the ever-complex weave that is fear, the far more interesting part is that of fear from consequences. Jerry Jaax felt fear when he thought about what his kids future would look like if he was sent to jail for murder. (195). Even though he was sure he knew his brother’s murderer the very thing that kept him from his satisfaction, fear, was the only thing upholding his morality. Jerry Jaax however, is not unique. As Celeste Friend, writing in a Stanford Encyclopedia article Social Contract Theory, explains, in the Hobbesian view we are all immoral. However it is the fear that injustice will be done to us, that conflicts with the desire to do injustice that allows a civil society to continue. (1). Fear enforces morality. At heart we are all inherently immoral, we all wish to be evil, we evolutionarily have the desire to undertake in actions that increase our own chances of survival as well as well as probability of pleasure. However we refrain, for being one of the few species that can think about the future, we can fear reciprocity, we can fear the government, we can fear the...

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Fear Essay

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