Fear Can Be A Pain Essay

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In our world today, society perceives monsters as corrupt beings. They do not justify why they are monsters but rather classify them due to their appearances and awful behavior. In the worlds eyes monsters serve no purpose other than to scare and enjoy others' pain. People seem to think that there is only one level of evil and any bit of monstrous behavior falls under it. Is there really one level of monstrousness or are there multiple? If so, what behaviors are more acceptable than the others?
There are many different types of monsters and some people that can even be considered monsters. Qualifying as a monster consists of a being bringing fear to others. “Fear is an anxious feeling, ...view middle of the document...

Ghetel responded with, “I eat no roots anymore”(Thom 303). Ghetel was to the point where she did not want to eat any vegetation or wild animal. Ghetel kept shouting, “ I can eat Mary!” (Thom 304). This shows that Ghetel transformed over time. At first she was a great friend but she got caught up in her hunger and temptation.
Another monster is the Narrator of The Black Cat. He tries his hardest to convince his audience that he is not crazy nor will he ever be. Over time he starts becoming more of an alcoholic, making his anger worse and he starts getting more aggravated easily. He starts abusing his wife and his pets when they get in his way or irritate him. He would be considered a character who transforms into a monster.
"From infancy, he was noted for the docility and humanity of his disposition" (Poe 1).
He grew up with a tender heart and fluently joked around. When he started drinking, "his intemperance made him day by day, more moody, more irritable, and more regardless of the feelings of others" (Poe 1). The alcohol is what altered his mindset and what made him into the monster he became. Originally, he was a caring man through which stupidity modified him. Although there is one fear that triggered his evil deed, murdering his own cat.
The fear of separation was in the narrator’s mind. He could not handle the rejection he was receiving from his cat. After seeing the evil that the man possessed, the cat avoided him at all costs. He grew angrier as he saw the cat that he had loved so much, distance himself. He was so overwhelmed with anger against the brute that he decided to hang it.
The main cause of the monstrousness inside of him was the alcohol. It took over his heart and thoughts. Perverseness soon crept in and took over as well. Whenever he knew something was wrong, he did it just despite. He knew deep inside it was not right, but he did not care. If the alcohol had been in the picture, most of the evil he possessed would have not been there.
The next monster that will be observed is not truly even a monster. People perceive it as a monster because it takes peoples lives. The monster, known as The Blood Sucker, was found in a feather pillow of a lady by the name of Alicia. Each night, “it was sucking her blood” (Quiroga 2). “The illness never worsened during the daytime, but each morning she awakened pale as death” (Quiroga 2). As you can tell by its name, “ human blood seems particularly favorable to it, and it is not rare to encounter its type in feather pillows” (Quiroga 2). Sucking blood is the parasite’s survival technique. It drank blood from day one just as humans are raised to eat animals and vegetation. This creature only seems a monster to others because it kills humans. On the other hand, humans kill animals such as deer and cows for food. If the Blood Sucker is a monster so are humans.
Blood Suckers are not monsters. The woman, Alicia, had a feather pillow. She brought it upon herself. People from then on...

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