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Fear, Death And Gore In Edgar Allan Poe's Writing

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Throughout the human history, there have been writers that have altered the way society thinks about certain occurrences. Edgar Allan Poe, one of the most prominent writers of the English literature, has the honor of being the one, who smartly linked societal and individual distress to fiction. Poe, because of being the pioneer of the detective fiction, is seen as an influential writer of the nineteenth century. Poe's writing was mostly influenced by his childhood and the societal happenings of the time. Poe's writing was close to reality because his writings were extracted from his own experiences. The paper will discuss the extent to which Poe's writings reflected the horrific events of his own life and it will also serve to establish that he incorporated fear and insanity in his writing only because he had experienced them.
Poe led an eventful yet terrible life. His movement from one country to another influenced the way he wrote fiction. It was because of this movement that Poe was able to realize the harshness of the world. It is imperative to note that Poe's personality and his writing style was evidently influenced by the terrible events of his childhood. “Poe is unique among the great American writers of his generation in having spent a portion of his childhood in England. This period of his life is important because for the first time we are able to trace a definite influence in his later fiction from the scenes in which he moved and thought and felt” (Quinn, 65). Quinn is of the belief that his father's abandonment of his mother and her death influenced his mind like no other thing.
Poe's childhood was full of hardships that he had to witness even when Jon France Allan adopted him. Apart from the dilemmas of childhood, Poe witnessed failures throughout his professional career. After the death of his mother, one of the worst things to happen to Poe was his brother and wife's death. They both died because of tuberculosis. By the time his wife died, he had seen nothing but death and failure. It is noted that his wife's death made him an alcoholic. Binge drinking is said to be the cause of his untimely death too.
It is said that a writer, in his words, reflects his own feelings and experiences. Many writers try to write on social problems but that too is mirrored by their own feelings. They perceive everything through the mirror that is only known to them. For Poe, the life was a horrific experience. The only thing that he witnessed in life was trouble. He knew the horrors of life more than any other person because he saw his siblings, mother and wife die a painful death. His psychology was severely affected by the events that took place in his life. The death of his wise is believed to have played an important role in all the write-ups that Poe wrote. If an in-depth analysis of Poe's writing is done, it will be easier to note that gore, insanity and fear is abundantly found in his writing. The traces of fear and insanity are...

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