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Fear In Gothic Literature English Essay

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Gothic literature novels have the ability to pull the reader into a setting and instill a sense of fear into them. Novels create this sense of fear by using key elements such as atmosphere, setting, etc. These elements are used by the authors to create a feeling of fear.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge uses superstition, imagery, and symbolism to create this atmosphere of fear in Rime of the Ancient Mariner. On the mariner’s voyage, he kills the ship’s only companion, the albatross. This leads off into a chain of unfortunate events leaving him the only remaining person on the ship. Albatross are known as a symbol for good fortune among sailors, so when the it gets killed, the crew loses their lucky charm. Imagery is also used when Coleridge mentions mist/fog. The mist/fog represents the mariner’s uncertainty, like when the bird was killed it “brought the fog and mist” (Coleridge, 1834). After the albatross is killed, the mariner starts to see his mistake. The symbols and images that Coleridge lays out for the reader creates an ambience of fear and doubt.
House Taken Over by Julio Cortázar leaves out parts of the story that allows the reader to essentially fill in the rest of the story themselves. This ambiguity leaves the reader in the dust. Cortázar leaves out “key” details, such as what/who the noises are when the siblings choose to leave it as is when Irene says “we’ll just have to live on this side”. This gives the reader even more unanswered questions. In a way, the author allows for the audience to input the sense of fear themselves. The reader can choose to believe that the characters are be overreacting and it’s something that’s not so serious. They can also...

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