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Fear Instilled Essay

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One has nothing to fear but fear itself. In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, fear coexists with the boys throughout the entire novel. The feeling of fear occurs immediately as the group of boys land on the deserted island. They experience fears of whether or not they will be able to survive on the island, the fear of losing power, as well as the ‘beastie’. Altogether, the fears pile up for the group, causing a struggle to subsist long enough for the chance to be rescued. Therefore, it is essential that fear is conquered in order to survive.
In this situation, fear manifests itself when the question of survival arises. Piggy brings up the fact that the chances of being rescued are very ...view middle of the document...

Both Jack and Ralph are both in conflict in terms of deciding a definite leader, thus the fear in loss of power as both boys become desperate when they repeatedly ask who will join their tribe. Correspondingly, in chapter twelve all the power Ralph had in the beginning is now in Jack’s possession, exchanging fear to Ralph, as he is now the minority. Fearing the loss of power causes Ralph to lose his authority to Jack, in which survival is much more difficult when alone and being hunted simultaneously.
Finally, men will convince themselves that there is no evil in them by believing evil is within others; in this case the beast. In particular, during nightfall, they see a beast on the mountain, which is actually a soldier with a parachute dropping down from the war beyond the island. Seeing the Lord of the Flies, “Simon thought of the beast, there rose before his inward sight the picture of a human at once heroic and sick.” (112). Moreover, Simon realizes that the so-called beast is in fact, a human, and because of fear, the rest of the boys made their assumptions to conclude the soldier as a beast. Additionally, Jack does in fact have a fear of the beast, so by hunting the Lord of the Flies and leaving the head as a...

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