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Death is part of the circle of life and it's the end of your time on earth; the end of your time with your family and loved ones. Nobody wants to die, leaving their family and missing the good times your loved ones will have once you pass on. In the Mercury Reader, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross “On the Fear of Death” and Joan Didion “Afterlife” from The Year of Magical Thinking” both share common theses on death and grieving. Didion and Kübler-Ross both explain grieving and dealing with death. Steve Jobs commencement speech for Stanford’s graduation ceremony and through personal experience jumps further into death and how I feel about it. Your time is on earth is limited one day you will die and there are many ways of grieving at the death of a loved one. I believe that the fear of death and the death of a loved one will hold you back from living your own life and the fear of your own death is selfish.
Everybody grieves at the death of a loved one or close friends differently. The loss of somebody that was close to you is never an easy thing to get over. You never know how long somebody will be in your life. Death has no timetable, and you’ll never know when you or somebody will die. There’s a chance that I might not finish this essay, and theres a chance that I might not have a family, or a chance for me to live my life to the fullest but I have to live my life without letting that hold me back. How does somebody deal with the death of a family member or friend when their relationship ended on a bad note due to an argument? Elisabeth Kübler-Ross compliments matters further when she writes, “A husband and wife may have been fighting for years, but when the partner dies, the survivor will pull his hair, whine and cry louder and beat his chest in regret.” (92). Furthermore the partner will feel as if they’re responsible for their significant others to death. How would somebody cope with that type of bereavement knowing that their relationship will forever be broken? Kübler-Ross also says that “Since none of us likes to admit anger at a deceased person, these emotions are often disguised or repressed and prolong the period of grief of show up in other ways.” (92). I agree with Kübler-Ross when she talks about, the man and woman who would fight, and how one feels after the other one dies and who would you grieve over that loss. It goes unsaid, but, since you never know when somebody will die you never want a relationship to end on a bad note or with enmity towards somebody because if they died suddenly you will never have another opportunity to rebuild a bad relationship with that loved one.
Through the personal experience of the loss of my father when I was younger grief is no mystery to me. I agree with Kübler-Ross again when she says, “The child senses that something is wrong.” (94) When my father died, I knew. My mother didn't need to tell me, and I was only six or seven. The morning my father died, I read it on my mother’s face; the shocked, deep...

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