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Fear of failing a class in school is near extinction. There is no more drive to do the best a student can. A student putting forth the hard work necessary to learn and prosper in school is disappearing. Hard work, effort, priority, and responsibility are just some of the concepts that are lost among today’s youth. There is no drive to do ones best when no one really expects it. Unfortunately, the only ones cheated in the new world “pass everybody” epidemic is the youth. America’s new generation is being passed, grade after grade, without actually gaining the knowledge needed to flourish in life. Luckily, there are those individuals out there that do not want to sit around and watch ...view middle of the document...

Neusner discusses how teachers have given up on the sanctity of education. If education is no long important to the student, why should it be important to the teacher? Students are setting themselves up for failure through life by sampling not caring enough about knowledge. Knowledge is no longer the focal point of high school and college, but diplomas and degrees are handed out to anyone willing to go through the motions or pay the tuition.
School is just a mandatory routine. Basically, to receive a diploma, high school students are expected to show up occasionally, listen only when interested, and turn in subpar work. Geoffrey Collier explains this lack of desire to learn in his essay “We Pretend to Teach”. Collier points out that the problem with education lies in everyone. Students and parents want to blame the teachers for not teaching well enough or not caring enough. All the while, teachers are blaming the students and parents for not trying hard enough and not supporting a child’s education over the desire to protect them from negativity. One participant is not solely responsible for the demise of the other. Blaming will not fix the problem; it is only an excuse to keep doing the bare minimum to get by. Educators need to rediscover the love of teaching and knowledge that attracted them to become an educator. Students need to respect the value of knowledge and hone in on a desire to achieve the best education. Parents also need to be present in the education process. Nurturing a child’s thirst for knowledge needs to be a main priority.
James Enochs gives statistics produced from lack of education and the lack of parental involvement in his article “Speech to the Stanislaus Partners in Education.” Given, these statistics are a limited sample compared to the many education systems in America; Enochs discusses real and saddening facts of students in the school systems today. Problems such as teen pregnancy,...

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