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The thought that dreadful things can happen to me when a mirror breaks or when he or she walks under a ladder is caused by age-old fears called superstitions. Superstitions come from many regions around the world, and are taught to us by our parents and our grandparents, they are passed down through the generations and are believed to be omens of things that can go awry. According to Webster’s Dictionary tells us that superstitions are a belief or way of behaving based on fear of the unknown and faith in magic or luck. Because of my Dutch Heritage superstition has played a prominent role in my life from early childhood to now.
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Actually I had a speeding ticket within a week of breaking a mirror once.
My family was Dutch farmers and had Dutch Hex signs painted on the sides of our house and barn as protection against evil. There are Hex signs for many things, including virtues that you want in your home, for good luck and happiness or strength and longevity. Dutch Hex signs go back about 300 years, and played an important part of the German and Dutch traditions. My own family had a Distelfink Hex sign hanging outside our house; which has a golden finch that is eating a thistle seed to bring good luck and happiness, and it had hearts with tulips for love and faith.
The other superstitions that have been taught to me were to never cross paths with a black cat, never open an umbrella in the house, and to never walk under a ladder. Being the curious child that I was, I asked my grandma why I could never cross the paths with a black cat, her reasoning was that the black cat could be a witch’s familiar that carried a curse. I asked what a familiar was and she said it was animal that the witch had as a pet, but used in rituals. When I inquired to my grandfather about not being able to open an umbrella in the house, he explained that he did not know why it was bad luck to open an umbrella in the house. But when I asked about walking under the ladder, he told me you could not walk under a ladder because the evil will come to you because you’re breaking the holy trinity. He went on to explain that my great-grandmother unknowingly walked under a ladder and ranged the dinner bell, which someone placed against the front door, and in doing so she started screaming. All the women in the family immediately stopped working and went screaming for my great-grandfather, as now she was cursed by the Devil. My great-grandfather made everyone go outside and no one could have dinner until the local minister came to our family farm to bless the house and pray over my great-grandmother. Once my great-grandfather found out it was one of the cousins that set the ladder there, he beat the kid and told my...

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