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Feasability Study On Selling Squashkins Essay

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Background of the Study
Most of the retail stores and restaurants especially fast food offer high calorie food, but low in nutritional value even in school canteens many served foods are junk foods. Junk foods are any prepared foods that are low in nutritional value and high in fat, sugar and sodium, often highly processed or pre-packaged snack like potato chips, hamburger, fries, candy, cookies, donuts, sugary breakfast cereals, ice-cream, soda and fruit drinks. According to Frogdoc (2007) In Amazon UK, parents are always looking for innovative product to make feeding their young children safer and neater. And the munchkin made product that excite and delight parent, children and making ...view middle of the document...

By that, we also mean visiting must-see places and indulge a little one time or another

The name of the product is Squashkin inspired by the common dessert food usually eaten by kids named Munchkin. It is made up of ingredients such us Squash, ace biscuit, honey, and condensed milk and coated it with chocolate syrup and sprinkled it with sesame seed.
The partners have chosen to adopt the name Squashkin because Squash is the main ingredients and it is known as a good source of vitamin A, which is good for the eyes. Lastly, partners has chosen the name Squashkin because it sounds unique to hear and not common in the food industry.

This research offers the viability of “Squashkin” in the market that will be operating in Davao City. The purpose of this plan is to have a product that is healthy for the kids and for those young at heart also. In exploring new recipes, replacing other ingredients from a traditional menu is innovation. And this increases the eagerness of the partners to offer “Squashkin”. This can change the usual lifestyle of people in terms of cakes and pastry industry.

The partners are inspired to create a product that helps parents let their kids eat nutritious and healthy food without affecting their kids’ health and their budget. Due to the exposure of kids to Junk Food that can lead to early childhood obesity, chronic illness, low-self-esteem and even depression as well as affecting school performance and extra-curricular activities. That’s why most of the parents are worried because of this alarming problem. Nowadays, adults are more health conscious also. They prefer food that is healthier and yummier and yet close to the sweet pastries that they wanted.
So the partnership is formed and Squashkin exist. Because the Squash is a good source of beta carotene, low calorie and a versatile vegetable that helps prevent from illness. And this product can able to contribute to lessen the said problem.

The study serves as a guide and a basis for evaluation in undertaking its course. Making up a Squashkin aims to attain the study of determining the feasibility of selling of the said product.

The following objectives are as follows:
1. To able to determine if the Squashkin is feasible.
2. Able to help parents let their kids eat nutritious and healthy food without affecting their budget and their kid’s health.
3. To help kids avoid eating junk foods and encourage them to eat more healthy snacks.
4. To gain profit.

Squash - is a good source of beta carotene, low in calorie and plenty of vitamins, minerals and bio active functional compounds.
Nutritious - is the process of breaking down food and substances taken in by the mouth to use for energy in the body or it is the process of obtaining and consuming food
Health - is the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living organism. In humans, it is...

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