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In the current society; South Africa’s health care has been left with a major gap, in quality and accessibility, between the wealthy and the impoverished, in the country. With the wealthier minority having access to the private sector of medicine, a sector with a higher and better level of health care, and the poverty-stricken majority having limited access to only the public sector, the sector funded by the government. Therefore the current South African government, the ANC, has proposed a policy called the NHI; that looks to lessen the gap between the public and private sectors of medicine, by: improving the accessibility to health services for all South Africans, irrespective of whether ...view middle of the document...

This has thus led to an inequality between the two sectors and therefore and inequality between the level of medical care each citizen was receiving. The NHI therefore looks to abolish this inequality by providing equal accessibility and funding to everyone. (Department of Health, 2011) The National Health Insurance (NHI) policy looks to provide financial funding, to the entire population, for medical services and health care. Its aim is to provide equal accessibility to health care throughout the country without having the population pay for the medical services that are provided by the government. This policy is planned to be phased in within the next 14 years. The NHI looks to improve the health services in the country by promoting efficiency and equity so that all South Africans, regardless of their social classes have access to equal quality of health care. (Department of Health, 2011) The NHI also looks to improve upon the four major health care problems in the country, namely: HIV/AIDS and TB, maternal and infant mortality, non-communicable disease and injury due to violence and accidents. This is evident when we look at the percentage of individuals we have that are affected by HIV/AIDS. South Africa makes up 0.7% of the world’s population, however we also make up 17% of the world population that is affected by HIV/AIDS, therefore it is clear that South Africa as a country has a major problem with HIV/AIDS with a large percentage of our population being affected by the virus....

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