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2.3.3. Self-reliant System
Due to the isolation of the Port Resolution community and the limited available resources, the community does not have access to a reliable source of electricity. Fuel generators are used to produce electricity when required; however, they are expensive to operate due to the cost of the fuel and its transportation to the community. Some of the families use small, simple solar-powered LED lamps for lighting. It has been proposed to power the ecotourism site using renewable energy sources in the form of both wind and solar power. Due to the high associated cost of implementation and maintenance of the electrical system, the number and application of electrical appliances will be limited. As a result, it was deemed important to minimise the strain on the electrical grid by ensuring the integrated water system was self-reliant.
2.3.4. Cost-effective System
As the initial construction and installation of the integrated system will be funded from external sources, it will be important to keep the cost of the system low. The construction and installation costs of components of the system should not hinder the quality of the parts and the reliability and operation of the system. A balance will need to be achieved to design a quality, reliable system and the total construction and installation cost. The integrated system should minimise the maintenance requirements and the operational costs of the system. Vanuatu is a developing country and Port Resolution has limited sources of income (2013, pers. comms., Morris). Some of the income generated from the ecotourism resort should be allocated to the maintenance of the site including the integrated water system. The limited available finances further reinforce the importance of a cost-effective system for the PRCP.
2.3.5. Cultural Acceptance
Ensuring that the proposed integrated water system is accepted by the Port Resolution community will significantly impact on the longevity of the system. It is important to address the design requirements and expectations of the Port Resolution community throughout the design process. The designed system should incorporate the cultural expectations and practises of the community as they will be supporting the facilities. In addition to addressing local cultural expectations, the system must also meet the expectations of the visitors. Tourism statistics reveal that most visitors to Vanuatu are from developed nations. Australian tourists account for 60% of international visitors to Vanuatu (Vanuatu National Statistics Office, 2013a) followed by visitors from New Zealand, New Caledonia and Europe (Vanuatu National Statistics Office, 2013b). Tourists from developed nations will have expectations of modern amenities such as electricity, hot water and flushing toilets and they have been incorporated into the design of the buildings where possible. Therefore, the wastewater treatment and disposal system must be able to deal with...

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