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Feasibility Study Of Imported Biscuits Essay

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Feasibility Study of Imported Biscuits


There are many brands of biscuit available in the market. The market not only offers the biscuits manufactured in Nepal but also the biscuits which are exported from abroad. Even under the same brand name, the manufactures have introduced varieties considering different tastes preferred by different people.
This study focuses particularly on some of the popular brands of biscuits such as Britania, Parle, Priyagold etc which are exported from India to find out the market condition of such products and the potential market prospect for the similar kinds of product.


The study has been conducted with the following objectives:

i. To explore the available brands of biscuits in the market exported from abroad (especially India) and the product lines offered by these brands.
ii. To find out the market price of the various brands available in the market.
iii. To find out the market share of the various brands of these biscuits available in the market and their expiry date.
iv. To find out the distribution channels being mostly used by the retailers and their pricing policy.


The study is conducted through the direct interview with the retailers offering customers with the different brands of exported biscuits. The sample of 50 retailers is selected for the research purpose. The judgmental sampling method is used. Only the retailers of exported biscuits of the brands being focused in the study are considered.

According to the need of the study a formal interview with a structured questionnaire as well as an informal conversation regarding the topic is conducted to get as much information as possible.
The study is also focus on the distribution channels used for these products.
The distribution channels is traced through retailers and the interview is conducted to the intermediaries involved in the distribution of the products to get the necessary information.


i. Available brands of imported biscuits

Different brands of imported biscuits were found in the market. Mostly Parle and Britannia biscuits were easily found in the market. The following chart shows the availability of various biscuits in the market.

As shown in the figure Parle was available for sale in all the stores that has been visited, Britannia was available in 84.6% of the stores that has been visited, Priyagold was found in 23.1% of the store, Duke in 7.7%, and others in 15.4% of the stores that has been visited.

Among these biscuits Parle and Britannia offer large number of additional varieties of biscuits under it where as other brands of biscuits do not provide much varieties under them. Different varieties of biscuits provided by Parle and Britannia can be seen in the following tables:

Varieties of biscuits found under Parle brand

SN Types of Parle Biscuits
1 Marie
2 Marie Choice
3 Digestive Marie
4 Hide and...

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