Feature Article: Controversial Issue Where Critical Literacy And Multiple Points Of View Are Used.

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On August 28th, 2003, two youths, Joshua and William Buckner were put on trial for the reckless homicide of Aaron Hamel. On September 5, the Hamel family filed a lawsuit against those they felt were responsible for their siblings death, a video games publisher named Take 2. Thomas Body reports.EARLY in the evening of June 25th, 2003, Aaron Hamel, a 45-year-old nurse from Knoxville, Tennessee, was taking the I-40 highway home, through the nearby town of Newport. Aaron's cousin, Denise Deneau was in the passenger seat. The two were on their way back from a day out in the mountains. They were returning from a "great trip", as told by Denise to ABC news. "My cousin said, 'look at those flowers,' and then all of a sudden through my window came a bullet. The heat was so much I could feel it. On my lap, I saw broken glass and lots of blood. I thought I had been shot."But she hadn't. The blood belonged to her cousin Aaron, the driver of a car now out of control travelling at 100kmh against traffic. Now imagine that: being covered in shattered glass and blood, in an out of control car you have no way of stopping. And when the car fortunately- if fortune can even be considered in a situation like this- grinds to a halt against the guard rail, imagine looking to your side and seeing blood pouring from a hole in now lifeless cousin's temple. Head shot. Instant kill. Isn't that right kids?On August 28th, 13-year-old Joshua Buckner and his 16-year-old stepbrother William Buckner pleaded guilty to the reckless homicide of Aaron Hamel. They had stolen two .22 calibre rifles from their parent's closet a week earlier and had hid them in the nearby woods. On the evening of June 25th, the two headed off to a small hill in sight of the I-40 highway. They planned to shot at the side of trucks. They stated they were bored. They'd been inspired by the controversial video game 'Grand theft auto'. On September 5th, Hamel's family filed a lawsuit against take two interactive, the developers of Grand theft auto.Now even though I consider myself to be an avid videogames player, I'm not totally sure that the Hamel's family is doing the wrong thing."They need to realise that it's inappropriate to be selling these sorts of things. This video game is teaching kids to kill", as said by one of Aaron's family members. From this quote I would say that the Hamel familywere doing more then just looking for someone to blame, but were searching for a remedy to a problem in society. And trust me, being defensive about these situations come naturally to video game players. More often then not we're attacked from all sides, with the stereotype of 'being geeks and nerds' and the discourse of anti-socialism and 'nerdish behaviour'. These conceptions are held by society in view of video gamers, many of the group have become well practiced in the art of defending themselves: video gameing is a creative medium just like any...

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