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Feature Article "Truth Is Never Pure And Simple"

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"You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you mad". Those were the words of Aldous Leonard Huxley a British writer. Many people believe that in telling the truth everything would get sorted, and it will all be fine. But imagine going up to your best friend and telling her that she looks horrible in that dress she just recently bought. Will she not be mad? Will her self esteem not decrease? Now I'm not saying that all truths are bad, but their not all good either. Truth is not absolute, there are levels of truth, but then doesn't that make it harder for people to understand truth? How do you know which truth is which? This is why I say 'truth is never pure and simple'.Current affair programs always try and search for the truth, however not all of them are able to stay with the truth but add scandals for their show to get more ratings. Current affairs also cuts out much information that they believe won't interest their viewers or will hurt their ratings. The manipulation of truth and how it is never pure and simple is the focus of the TV series frontline, a satirical look at current affairs reporting. Take the episode 'smaller fish to fry', a satirical look at how those with power, corporations, and people, get away with murder because others are afraid to expose the truth.Mike a character in Frontline is a warm and insightful presenter, who tries to go for the 'big fish' a story about a bank loan scandal. Marty demonstrates the cunning craft called irresponsible reporting, privacy is invaded, entrapment used and stories sensationalized through use of sweeping statements and emotiveLanguage, for example the council workers are bludgers.However Brian (mikes boss) is reluctant to go for Mike and...

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