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Features of Baptism

There are many different central features of infant and believers

Infant Baptism is when a small child or baby is baptised. It can be
performed using three methods. The Latin tradition of the Catholic
Church is when the infant has water poured over his/her head. A baby
is usually held over a font and as the water is poured, the priest
says the words of the baptism. This water is poured three times
showing us that the child is baptized in the name of the father and of
the son and of the Holy Spirit. In the Russian Orthodox Church infants
are also baptized in a font but they are fully covered in water.

There can be two people elected to be Godparents. These people have
ongoing responsibilities after the baptism which can come down to
taking the child to church when his/her mother or father are unable to
teach the child about Christian life and the correct way to live there
life. One thing Godparents do not do is look after the child if
his/her mother or father were to die.

In believers' baptism, which is used in Baptist churches, it is always
by full immersion, which is when the whole body is covered in water.
The person has to be old enough to be a believer. The person is
lowered backwards into the water as the words of baptism are spoken.
The person then is completely submerged during the service. This
baptism is usually done in a specially built pool called a Baptisery.
It usually is built into the ground and is covered when not in use.
This type of baptism can sometimes happen in a River, Lake, Swimming
Pool or the Sea to try and make it as much the same as Jesus' Baptism
as possible. People sometimes even go to the River Jordan to try and
get their Baptism as close to Jesus' Baptism as possible.

A person usually chooses which type of Baptism they have because of
their family religion. If their family was catholic they would
obviously follow what there family had had done to them. Problems can
come through when your family has never been baptized or follows no
religion. Then it would be your decision. Whatever path you choose
will always be relatively the same. Obviously if you where a small
child or baby and you where baptized it would be your mother and
fathers choice, but if you where a lot older, you would be able to
make the decision yourself. However the Catholic Church mainly adults
get baptized by pouring water over the head. If a person wanted to
become a Catholic they would go through the Rite of Christ Initiation
of adults. Christian groups which follow Believers' Baptism and
Baptism churches, Pentecostal Churches and other Evangelical
traditions. These people are old enough to make their old decision.


Baptism started when Jesus was baptised. Jesus was baptised as an
adult and this started...

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