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Federal Changes In U.S. Welfare Programs Over The 1990s: Rebecca Blank

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Welfare programs are set up where assistance is given based on health concerns and economic needs; however, one’s experience could affect the assistance they get from the government. Yes, they may be of the same characteristics but experience can very much affect what assistance one gets. There are more women than men on welfare and through research, scholars Oyelere & Oyolola, investigated if birthplace and race/ethnicity still played a role in the decision making of the women who receives assistance. However, their findings were that race/ethnicity does not play a role in the decision making process neither did they find differences based among women’s birthplace. They also find that ...view middle of the document...

The ways these programs are financed have changed also. States use to be required to uphold 75 percent of their previous spending levels in order to receive full block grants whereas now, TANF has replaced that process. In order to receive government assistance, you use to have to have at least two parents working as a requirement. Once you received the assistance, you were give a five year maximum in which you could still receive the assistance and afterwards, you were removed from the assistance. She said with these changes came many economic changes as well; therefore, welfare programs are bad now (Blank, 2002). Welfare was originally intended for the rights of workers and retirees; however, all that has changed. Programs such as welfare-to-work were supposed to get as many people on welfare employment. TANF was created to help families with children get the proper assistance needed. Scholars, Greenberg & Robins, conducted a test on the welfare-to-work programs to test and see if the program had any impact on employment. The results they found were that the programs had little impact on employment rate and they...

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