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Federal Employees Deserve The Best Essay

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Most people have confidence that they can identify what federal employees would appreciate having that recognizes them for their civil service contributed, however, I know exactly what would make them feel appreciated. How do I know? Well my family is a third generation of federal workers. My great-grandfather worked at the Veteran’s Hospital in Augusta, Georgia until his death, my grandmother worked at the Department of Labor in Atlanta, Georgia, and finally my father worked at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia until he was laid off five years ago. My whole family is associated with the lifestyle of a federal employee, and I am more than aware of the benefits and thus lack of benefits that they receive.
My grandmother worked at the Department of Labor for many years until she was allowed to retire. Every day she went into work and dedicatedly served the country and its occupants. However, how is ...view middle of the document...

Do not get me wrong, I understand that federal employees do receive what is considered good benefits, but these workers deserve to receive better compensation for the work and services they provided during their term as a federal employee. Many things that we take for granted would become very challenging without these federal employees. For instance, postal workers sort and distribute millions if not billions of mail documents daily. In addition, our mail is delivered personally to our personal mailbox. Life would become more difficult and challenging for everyone if that mail was not sitting in the mailbox when we got home. Another example of a great service of federal employees would be the park rangers in the National Parks. Or even, the soldiers that fight for our freedom every day. Overall, federal employees work is hard and challenging no matter what their task requires and they all deserve to have a way to retire and live without financial struggles because of their benefits.
After the Windfall Act under Title 11 of the Social Security Act, any benefits paid to federal employees from the Social Security Administration was greatly reduced. The Windfall Act mainly changed the Primary Insurance Amount that a person receives during their Retirement Insurance Benefits or their Disability Insurance Benefits. In addition, the Windfall Act changes the benefit amount of others who claim on the same social security record. In my opinion, many federal employees would feel more appreciated and that their job was worthwhile if the Windfall Act was eliminated as a whole, or even changed so that the benefits federal employees receive more benefits.
For federal employees to realize that they are appreciated and we are thankful for their job, the best thing to do is change their benefits so they will be taken care of even after they retire. By changing or even eliminating the Windfall Act under Title 11 of the Social Security Act, federal employees will be better off financially and thus feel more compensation from Americans for their work.

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