Federal Funding For Public Broadcasting Is A Bust

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“Each year the United States spends .014% of its budget on public broadcasting. This amounted to approximately $445 million spent on funding towards public broadcasting in 2012.”(Defending Public Broadcasting Should Not Be Done Lightly) The funding was meant to help public broadcasting stations get to a state where they could support themselves on their own. However, many stations continued to take the funding even though they did not require it. Despite this, the stations that abused the funding happened to have some very educational programs that most stations lacked which brought the question whether or not they should be punished. But think about it, is it not bad enough that you’re ...view middle of the document...

(Defending Public Broadcasting Should Not Be Done Lightly) This shows that federal funding only contributes to 15% of their yearly budget, showing that they are perfectly capable of surviving on their own without the help of money from the budget of our federal government.

The funding provided by the federal government was meant to temporarily help public broadcasting stations until they could become self-sustaining, and stations such as PBS have proven that they are now much more than self-sustaining. What does this mean? It means that we are not just paying taxes to help support stations in desperate need of the funding; it means that we are helping to pay for some greedy stations’ bills due to them being too lazy to pay from their own wallet. This is not only hurting our budgets, economy, and living conditions at home. This is also flowing money away from situations that are truly in dire need of the money. These situations would include community projects, poor hospitals, the homeless and hungry, disaster victims, and other minor, but significant tragedies.

Some may argue that many stations are innocent and really use federal funding for its intended purpose, but does that mean that the cost is worth it? More money would be wasted on selfish penny pinchers over at PBS and other minor stations than anywhere else. So in the end it really doesn’t seem worth it, it’s just too big of a hassle and they can thank PBS for the funding cuts. But let us back-track a bit now, what about broadcasting by radio? Well if you’re asking this, then you are probably not aware that federal funding only provides 5.8% of their total budget, the rest of their money is comprised of funding from individuals, businesses, universities, foundations, CPB, and other miniscule parties. Although this was back in 2009, this has remained constant up to this day and will most likely continue to be so. Public broadcasting radio will survive without government funding.(Stevens)

A more recent event that shows why...

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