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Government In Afghanistan Essay

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Government in Afghanistan
Is the Afghan government powerful enough to prevent the corrupt patronage networks and keep the promise of providing security for the nation? The years of fighting and misery has proved this governmental system to be weak, and as a result caused distress to the nation. The unexpected shift from a monarchy to a Republic began a series of changes that the country had to undertake. Through the course of a century, Afghanistan faced difficulties which once were promised to be taken care of, however, none of the new coming governments demonstrated a trustworthy system of power that would provide the means of normal day living.
Afghanistan is an Islamic Republic. Its constitution divides the government into three separate branches, with an executive branch being the strongest. The other two branches, legislative and judicial, could be overrun by the Grand Council, also called Loya Jirga. All three branches are extremely important to the Afghan government, but the power between them is not distributed equally. In order to convene under certain situations, the constitution calls for Loya Jirga, whose decisions and endorsements are binding (Afghanistan Online).
Loya Jirga is the highest manifestation of the people of Afghanistan. This council is a centuries-old Afghan tradition that contributes into making the government more permanent and stable. This tradition represents the gathering of male representatives from different tribes and factions in Afghanistan- a combination of the wisest, most respected local citizens, and the most powerful or well-connected. The Grand Council deprives from the ancient idea of self governance (ABC news International). It is called together very rarely, unless there is a specific proposal to get deliberated, after which the Council is disbanded. These emergency meetings are held based on the Bonn Agreement, considering the rights of the people in freely determining their political destiny (Relief Web). The members of the Loya Jirga also consist of National Assembly members, chairpersons of the provincial, and district councils, and sometimes Chief Justice and members of the Supreme Court. Once the Council is convened, the issue they are to deliberate will be related to independence, national sovereignty, territorial integrity, and supreme interests of the country. One of the most important roles of Loya Jirga is an ability to persecute the president (Afghanistan Online). An example of their significance is the neutrality granted to Afghanistan during the World War II (ABC news International).
The National Assembly members, part of Loya Jirga, also have the power to approve the Cabinet Ministers, originally appointed by the President. The President is the head of the executive branch, who serves as the head of state and the Command-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Afghanistan. The electoral votes for the President are cast through free, general, secret, and direct voting. On...

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