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The Federal Highway Policy has many policies within its make structure, but few take the time to even take a look. The one main policy that has increased involvement is the National Highway Construction Cost Index. This policy is a complex issue because of all the communication that is needed between state, national and federal governments. The Federal Highway Administraion is an agency within the U.S. Department of Transportation that supports state and local government in various different areas. The goal is for the roads and highways to be some of the safest and most advanced in the world today. It was created to help improve upon the indexing efforts of the FHWA. It keeps and eye on the ...view middle of the document...

It gives useful information about how changes in cost affect the completion of highway projects. State data was recorded until April 2007 on the award for contracts by the State highway. Since 1977 FWHA counted only those contracts bigger than 500 thousand to save on paperwork. After the implementation of the Bid Price Index the reports were issued quarterly for whomever was interested. The reports reinforced that the FHWA was wasting it’s time because few States were taking the information and putting it to use making standards reach new lows.

When asked about the policies some are all for trying to create aid to help improve the current condition that our highways and roads s are in. New proposals have come in to bring tolls to the nation’s interstate highway. Currently this action cannot be attempted because of federal law. Highways used to be funded by federal gasoline tax, but with the rising of the overall crude oil market the money is hardly being generated. Which projected the fund will be 15 billion in the red by 2015 if there is no common ground met by the three parties involved.

I can see why the debate is heavy because sometimes national highways seem to get the most attention when locally there may be roads that need to be repaved, extended, but because communication is usually based on the numbers some projects fail to ever get off the ground. State...

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