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Federal Highway System Essay

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Bush's decision to use that speech to ask for $1.2 billion in federal funds to support fuel-cell and hydrogen research was a boost for the emerging technology, which converts hydrogen into electric current while releasing steam as a byproduct.A few days later, Bush said he wants to see that the first car driven by "a child born today" is powered by hydrogen and pollution free.By investing federal dollars into the development of fuel cells, the president is seeking to neutralize environmentalists who favor progressively tighter federal fuel-efficiency standards and pollution controls on vehicles, which most automakers reject as costly burdens and counterproductive. He's also answering those who think the U.S. is too dependent on sometimes-hostile oil-producing nations."The auto industry is using the promise of future fuel cells as a shield against using existing technology to dramatically cut our oil dependence, and pollution, today," said Daniel Becker, director of the Sierra Club's Global Warming and Energy Program."This technology is sitting on the shelf while Detroit dithers. Honda and Toyota are producing (fuel-efficient, gas-electric) hybrid vehicles today, the Big Three are not. Honda has stated that it is using the electric motor of its hybrid as the basis for the fuel-cell cars, which it is beginning to produce."Though working prototypes show spectacular advances in fuel-cell and vehicle design, it's difficult to overestimate the cost and problems of turning what now are lab experiments into practical, affordable and mass-produced technology such as today's internal combustion engine."I hope we'll have our first commercial fuel cell vehicle by the end of the decade," said Byron McCormick, executive director of fuel-cell activities for General Motors Corp. "When the president describes the vision, people take it seriously and starting moving it."In December, Toyota Motor Corp. delivered two experimental fuel-cell vehicles to the University of California to test in everyday driving, and said it will help open six hydrogen fuel stations in the state within six months. Likewise, Honda Motor Co. gave a one fuel-cell vehicle to Los Angeles for use by city employees, with four more to come this year.Next week in Washington D.C., General Motors and a major oil producer are expected to announce a project to open hydrogen fueling stations in the vicinity of the capital.Though much attention has...

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1813 words - 8 pages Republic. In this system the President is both the head of state and the head of government, as well as the head of a multi-party system. The political and administrative organizations of Brazil include federal and state governments, federal districts and the municipalities. The federal government controls the central government and is divided in three branches. Like America it is divided into the executive, legislative, and judicial branch

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1304 words - 5 pages The development of the United States Highway System has had negative impacts on the urban character of our country’s cities. One of the main catalysts, if not the main catalyst, of urban sprawl has been the development of transportation. It has made it extremely convenient and easy for people to move farther out of the inner city and develop rural America. As a result many prominent cities across our country have felt the effects of

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1211 words - 5 pages dominate part of the American life (Morton, 2014). Around this time; a shift began to occur towards private transportation over public by influencing policies in their favor (Nicolaides and Wiese, 2006). One of these polices was created by the Federal Aid Highway of 1925; the United States Highway System which basically expanded the highways across the United States connecting one another, creating new opportunities for growth in many areas

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1270 words - 5 pages issue he writes of “...the vital need for some system of taxation by which the building of a State System of roads in this State will be assured...” McGirth also recognized that “...Congress will undoubtedly make large Federal appropriations very soon for the building of National highways. [And that] The apportionment of these funds will be based on a cooperative arrangement, of dollar for dollar…” The association received funding for the

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1630 words - 7 pages government in paving roads and highways throughout the country. The first major effort to improve the problems with roads was the Federal Aid Road Act of 1916, which enforced a state-run system to improve rural roads and eventually build highways. Just a year after the bill was approved, America joined World War I. The costs of, and attention given to, the war put the Road Act efforts on hold. Still, the first ever highway dividing line was painted

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1297 words - 6 pages their federal highway system, aptly named the Autobahn. Rules regarding how anyone driving on the autobahn state that a driver must go a certain speed, or that driver becomes a public safety hazard, much like that of speeders in America. Many foreigners only hear how the autobahn has no speed limit and that is not necessarily true. There are in fact many areas that are speed limited and strictly enforced by the polizei and speed cameras

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826 words - 4 pages and supplement the federal aid road act approved in July 11 of 1916. This gave many American men jobs, which helped the economy and dropped the unemployment rate. The result to funding created a great amount of needed workers to build and maintain the highways. Not only did the act grant a flourish of jobs but it also made a great increase in the use and purchase of automobiles. The highway system made it easier to travel for Americans who are

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1040 words - 5 pages 1959, Saint Lawrence River is the group name of all the locks, canal and channels that allow the vessels to travel from Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes. Answer 9) TransCanada Pipeline is the longest pipeline in Canada and carries natural gas through Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. The pipeline was extented to Toronto on October 27, 1959. Answer 10) Trans Canada Highway is the federal-provinical highway system and the only highway

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2078 words - 8 pages that “not surprisingly has been interested in maximizing profits rather than optimizing Metropolitan Toronto traffic flows. In hindsight, the government could have proceeded from the word go with a design-build arrangemnt for both aspects of the project, the highway and the electronic tolling system and then run the road as a public entity. NOW TALK ABOUT WHY NEOLIBERAL THOUGHT WASN’T SUCCESSFUL AND WAS. ------ In december 1994, the regional

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