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Jaime 1Christopher JaimeProfessor GiffordEnglish M01A07 December 2009Federal Immigration Control"We should honor every legal immigrant here, working hard to become a new citizen. But we are also a nation of laws." (Bill Clinton) Illegal immigration has been a problem for centuries, especially since the latter half of the twentieth century. The federal government has taken steps to decrease the likelihood of illegal immigration, but there are additional things they should do to improve the current status of illegal immigration. Tens of millions of legal immigrants over four centuries have made the United States what it is today. They came to make new lives and livelihoods in the new world and hard work benefited themselves and their new home country. However, there are several things the government should do in order to enforce our laws regarding illegal immigration. Therefore, the three things that the federal government should do to help prevent illegal immigration are to stop all incentives for illegal immigrants, increase funding and activity for immigration agencies, improve and expand the border patrol agencies.There are some things the government should do in order to stop incentives that draws illegal aliens into the United States. One incentive that the government should strongly enforce, are the federal taxes the illegals do not have to pay. Considering the current debt that the United States government is in, they should make it mandatory forJaime 2every illegal to pay federal taxes. By doing so, it would help the government financially, which might lower taxes for Americans, and it would be one less incentive for illegal immigrants. The government should stop giving birthright citizenship and welfare to the children of illegal aliens. With most people wanting the best for there children, this will encourage illegal aliens to settle down in the United States so their children can have a better life style. Another issue following the citizenship to children of illegal aliens is the benefit of having public education for the children. The government should stop benefits such as transportation and shelter for their families. If illegals are given the opportunity to get a loan for a house and buy a vehicle then they will want to stay in the United States as long as they can. These are just a few incentives for illegal immigrants to come to the United States and that is why the government should stop this from happening further more. The government should devise and fund a program that would identify and strictly prosecute employers who hire illegal aliens. Employers utilize illegal aliens and in the process exclude more than fourteen million unemployed American workers from potential jobs. If illegals do happen to earn money in the United States, government officials should regulate that currency to ensure that illegal's aren't sending money back to their home country. Most of these reasons are putting the United States in debt, but one...

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1630 words - 7 pages Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The DHS, instead of adequately controlling illegal immigration at the border, out sources this job to employers by requiring them to control immigration at the business door." "The onion farms of southern Georgia provide good example of the difficulties facing employers in conducting their operations as they attempt to comply with federal immigration and other workplace laws. In this sector, employers do not have

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