Federal Land Up For Budget Grabs

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The purpose for Laura Meckler to write “The Deficit Fight: Federal Land Up for Budget Grabs” is bring attention to the government selling properties. Laura Meckler also wrote the article for the reason that she want to inform the public on the sale of these properties and how it could help the federal budget.
The article “The Deficit Fight: Federal Land Up for Budget Grabs” by Laura Meckler is about the government selling “under-utilized buildings” (Meckler, 2011). She discusses how the sale of the properties would help the federal budget as these properties take “$1.66 billion annually to operate” (Meckler, 2011). The main focus of the article is the sale of a “387-acre tract of land in the heart of ritzy West Los Angeles” (Meckler, 2011) owned by the Veterans Administration. The problem with the sale of the Las Angeles property is that people that it to stray open space and to serve veterans. When the people who originally own the property gave it in 1888, they deeded it so that it could only be used for the care of veterans returning from the Civil War. Many presidents have tried to sale these properties form Presidents Regan to Presidents Obama. All of the attempts have end with the properties not getting sold for the reason that citizens do not like the ideal of “their land” being sold (Meckler, 2011).
The unintended economic consequence that the article caused, is that it helped the properties form not being sold which would have help the federal budget. If these properties were sold it long help the federal budget for the reason that is cost the government “$1.66 billion annually to operate” (Meckler, 2011). If the government would have sold these “under-utilized buildings” (Meckler, 2011) it would help the budget sift from a deficit to a surplus.
The Federal Reserve: From Central Bank to Central Planner.
John H. Cochrane. September 1, 2012. Retrieved From
The Federal Reserve: From Central Bank to Central Planner
The reason that John H. Cochrane wrote “The Federal Reserve: From Central Bank to Central Planner” is to inform readers about the new activities that Federal Reserve has stated. Since the Great Recession the Federal Reserve has become more of a central planner of the economy this is why John H. Cochrane wrote the article. John H. Cochrane also wrote the article to show that the Federal Reserve needs to by spilt up into different departments.
John H. Cochrane starts his article out by discussing the “nontraditional” (Cochrane, 2012) tactics of the Federal Reserve that include get involved in long-term Treasury debt, mortgages and commercial paper. Then John H. Cochrane talks about how the Federal Reserve has started punishing the banks for robo-signing. Robo-signing is when the Federal Reserve finds out “that the banks that had [signed] foreclosure documents [and] were guilty of ‘unsafe and unsound processes and practices’” (Cochrane, 2012). Then John H. Cochrane talks about how the European Central...

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