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Federal Miniumum Wage Is The Standard In Uunited States Businesses

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The federal minimum wage in the United States has served as a standard by which businesses and employers alike have to abide by when dealing with finances and the way money is distributed and paid out to federal and non-federal employees. The minimum wage has essentially set a fixed limit as to how little employees can earn, and through this, has set a limit as to what the minimum annual salary is in the country. Nevertheless, the United has had issues regarding how the minimum wage is administered and how, when, and where it should be raised in order to accommodate for the higher cost of living, growing prices, increasing inequality, and in some cases, a weakening economy. This debate has come about recently as democrats, republicans, and independents have debated about raising it and what consequences and benefits doing so would entail. In any case, the federal minimum wage has certainly been an influential aspect of our economy and how our country runs. Ever since it was established, it has benefited the people, given a basis from which to live off of, and provided opportunities for those entering or are new to the workforce. As mentioned before, the federal minimum wage has been the source of several heated debates, since some advocate an increase and others do not, and has certainly been the cause for controversy as well.
The federal minimum wage has been active for about 75 years, having been established and signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1938 as part of the Fair Labor Standards Act (Sherk, 2013). Although the minimum wage has changed over time, the controversy and opposition surrounding its increase has been constant ever since it was proposed; having been challenged by several states and individual people, such as Southern states and their congressmen that argued that a minimum wage of “$0.40 per hour and 40 hours per week would cause them to fire everyone” (Grossman, 2014).
Nevertheless, despite strong opposition in the 1930s and 40s, the minimum wage has been maintained as a core component of our economy and has shaped the way the American workforce functions. However, further increases and proposed changes to the minimum wage have sparked outrage and opposition throughout the United States and have been opposed by businessmen, congressmen, and ordinary people alike. In recent polls conducted by the Huffington Post, 66 percent of Americans involved favored raising the minimum wage as opposed to 31 percent not wanting an increase (Edwards-Levy, 2013). Furthermore, there have also been studies and polls held by other institutions such as the Pew Research Center which further breaks down who opposes and who favors raising the minimum wage. According to a 2013 poll, the less a person earns, the more likely they are to favor an increase while the more a person earns, the less likely they are to do so (Gewurz, 2013). In the same study, ethnic groups are also highlighted as having different views; African Americans favoring a...

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