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America's road system is slowly decaying. According to Robert Yaro, a member of the Regional Plan Association the state of America’s road system will be that of a third world country within a few decades (“The Cracks are Showing” Economist.com). Even bridges such as the I-35W Mississippi River Bridge have a structurally deficient ratio of one in four according to a CNBC Documentary (CNBC, “Race to Rebuild America's Infrastructure”). Statements like this have been repeated many times, and many different plans have been given to fix America’s roads. However, people are divided on how to accomplish that goal. Although some say that privatizing America’s road system is a better solution to ...view middle of the document...

Companies looking to make a profit would only bid on the good roads, and be less likely to invest in a road in need of repair. Additionally, roads are leased out, and have a time limit on how long the companies own them, which would result in them not repairing it at the end of the lease. Another reason to support federally funded roads is that Direction is needed to support the roads. Dumping money into the road system has proven to be an ineffective solution to the problem, as we can tell from Robert Puentes of Brooking Institution statement that “The system is fundamentally broken. We send a blank check and kind of hope for the best,” (Leonhardt, Nytimes.com). By directing the flow of funds, it is assured that roads in need of repair will have the money needed to buy the repairs.
Lastly, one of the more important reasons to support increased federal funding over privatization is that it would allow America to control its road system. Companies can ignore some problems in their road network. If a road is damaged and in need of repair, they may decide that it wouldn’t be profitable to repair...

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