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Federal Way's Alternative High School Programs

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Many of Federal Way's alternative high schools or high school programs are actually schools within the Federal Way Public School System. The city also has private schools, special education schools and religious schools but they are not designated as alternative schools. Students in Federal Way have many options when it comes to education.

Truman High School Career Academy

Truman High School has two programs, one online and one face-to-face, both operating within a modern 12 classroom facility that was rebuilt in 2003.

Career Academy is an on-campus program where students are encouraged to participate in courses and activities that will prepare them for future careers. Students work towards earning a diploma through the creation of a portfolio. The curriculum is broad and integrative, drawing on each student’s unique needs and skills.

The school’s “Making dreams student at a time program of transformation," supported by a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, began in 2001, when the school was divided into two small schools, each led by a team of teachers who also act as advisors to help students take advantage of experiences and internships congruent with their interests and passions.

Parents are expected to be active partners in their children's high school experience at Truman High School. Students are known by their teachers, mentors and each other and “each student has a personalized, individual learning plan that he or she creates with a teacher, parent(s), and mentors from businesses and the community.” Students stay with the same advisor throughout high school, and advisors are responsible for “ensuring that students learn a wide range of skills and take part in rigorous endeavors.” Student involvement in internships, service-learning projects in the community and travel, contributes to their exploration of the diversity of people, cultures, experiences and curricula as part of their educational process.

Students, staff, families and the community work together to create an environment where students graduate from this alternative high school prepared to attend college.

Career Academy at Truman School
31455 28th Ave. South
Federal Way, WA 98003
(253) 945-5800

Internet Academy

The Internet Academy, also based at Truman High School, is one of the oldest online programs in the United States. Washington's first online school offers innovative and challenging academic experiences to part-time and to full-time students of all ages. The online classes enable all students to tackle learning challenges in a supportive, one-on-one online environment. Most students who reside in Washington State may attend the Internet Academy for free, and the school district guidelines require that alternative learning experience programs at the Internet Academy shall be available to all students including those with...

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