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Federalist No.10’s Faction And Direct Vs. In Direct Democracy

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In Federalist No.10, James Madison discusses his theories about faction. In doing this, he persuades the new Constitution and how it should be enacted. He believed factions were the number one cause of the failure of the Articles of Confederation.
The definition of a faction is a group of people forming a minority group within a larger group, to seek some goal within a political party or government. Madison describes faction differently in Federalist No.10, but in actuality the definitions have the same meaning. Madison’s definition is derived from a listing of requirements. Requirement number one indicates that factions are determined by the number of citizens. Citizens of a government share a common interest which makes them a particular minority group. The second requirement notes that the group of citizens must be united and actuated. This simply means that this group of citizens must come together out of motivation of a common interest. The third requirement suggests that the common interest of the group of citizens must by contrary or against the right or interest of other citizens, within the community.
Madison believed that the causes of a faction emanate from the meaning of the “have and have not’s.” Madison describes that this issue has been embedded within the society. The most common source of a faction is the rights of property. During his time, conflict had arisen immensely, due to unequal distribution of property. The failure of the Article of Confederation is his evidence. Without a solution, this source of faction will exist. “The latent causes of faction are thus sown in the nature of man(Madison p.746).” The right to practice religion, fortune and property ownership are some of the many interest citizens elicit within a group to form a faction. The similar interest of the citizens causes the society to divide into different classes, which again, is described by the “haves and have not’s.”
The cure for a faction is complicated and can seem confusing but, Madison apprehends that the causes of faction should be removed from society. In doing so, he proposes that the government should regulate the interest of society so faction is not easily formed. Regulation should be the legislature’s principal task in creating a more united society. Without focus on principal tasks, Madison describes how chaotic the faction can become. To prevent this, the government should be an empowered body of people, who come together to make and change laws. No one person should have to the power to judge their own opinions. Giving a person the power of judging themselves can cause many bias, and therefore being inactive.
There is no cure for faction. Madison explains that...

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