Feeling Right In The Wrong Way

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Tessa leaned against the column, nonchalantly flipping through a thick sized spellbook. Withdrawn by all the spells that was written in strange cursive ink writing since she had learnt most of them already. Her eyes merely scanned through each words to make itself useful however she sighed in exasperation. She brushed a striking blue-green stray hair around her ear. Preoccupied with the things she had just spoken with her targets; Love, how pathetic. She didn’t understand why would they even think she was capable to love, or to be loved. The ‘boys’ in her school never caught her eye or was she attractive enough to be worth a look? It wasn’t because of their appearances or personality that displeased her; perhaps it was just the fact that she was out of their reach. She smirked at that thought and nodded her head in agreement. Flicking over the pages and finally stated that despite its size, this was completely useless to her. Somehow she was aware of someone’s presence nevertheless she didn’t bother to check who could that be.

“I must say that you are quite a fast reader compared to Miss Chelli.” A sarcastic and velvety voice filled with mischief dragged her attention. Her eyes glanced up to see a dark raven slicked back hair with emerald green eyes. He was dressed in a white shirt with its sleeves folded to his elbow and a black dress pants along with a contrasting black tie. The shirt he was wearing clearly showed the faint lines of his muscles; she found it disturbingly attractive. Tessa realised that she had been staring at him longer than she had expected. She closed the book and placed it back in the shelf.

“No, it’s just that there is nothing interesting about this.” Her eyes rolled in annoyance. In a swirl, she turned away from him and went to another section of shelves that was filled with poetries by numerous poets. She could sense that he was following her and watching her every move, like a predator to its prey. Her heart throbbed nervously and started to be paranoid of her actions. Idiot, why would you be even nervous when he’s just watching you?, her subconscious scolded. She pursued her lips together and peeked at him. His thin lips curled into a crooked smile with his arms folded while leaning against the column she had just leant.

“Do I amuse you, Mr. Lucas?” She looked away from him and expected him to be flabbergasted.

“Do I attract you, Miss Reese?” Unexpectedly, her head snapped towards his way and shot daggers at him. A faint blush crept to her pale cheeks as she tried to hide them. His crooked smile reached to his eye while gracefully striding over to her side, his height towering over her. She never liked being towered by someone as it showed that he was taking the dominant role and her as a weaker part. Mr. Lucas raised an eyebrow artfully and turned to look at the section of thick covered spines she was choosing to borrow.

“Do you have any certain poets you fancy, Miss Reese?”, he asked out of curiosity. His long...

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